Monday, December 29, 2014

2 weeks of emails

I was not able to post an email last week because I had a glitch in my email.  I had to wait for Logan to resend the email from last week.  His email from this week is not to long since we spoke to him on Christmas day.


For Family: So family for Skype on Thursday we are only supposed to talk for 40 minutes, but my companion and every other missionary I have talked with is going to for an hour. The week had some cool experiences others funny and some that I learned a lesson from. I hope you are excited to see your missionary on Thursday. I won’t tell you a ton, because I’m going to talk to you soon, but I do want to say this that a mission has been the best decision I have made even though I don’t have a lot of time in the field. It’s hard, its tiring, and its frustration, but it is fun, spiritual, and a chance to lose myself in a work that is Marvelous Beyond Description. Note for Haley: Tell her to brush up on her Spanish because I’m going to talk to her in Spanish. 
I Love You All
Elder Perfili

For the Blog:
So this last week was definitely one I will remember because of so many reasons! So again I’m sorry I may not sound too exciting, but sometimes the work doesn’t happen at the pace you’d like it to. It’s tough right now because we’re are still looking for more to teach and our investigators were hardly home this week. Nonetheless I still know with all my Corazon (heart) that God has prepared people for us in Las Americas we just need to find them and work harder. A very amazing experience about that this week. So one night during planning we had already gone through the Area Book almost twice and none led us anywhere. So my companion decided to call Antigo’s investigators on our Cell Phone and one picked up and told us to come the very next day. So we left thinking that she was in our area and discovered that she was WAY out of our area. Still we find the house after calling her a few times and as we were walking down her street she called out to me and Elder Mendez as if she had already knew us. Ortencia (the woman) then invited us into her home and told us her story. She and her brother Eduardo are both don’t like there Church’s and were looking for something different. The day before we called her she had been talking with a taxi about this and he was a recent convert and he told her and the good about our church and the change it made in his life. Shortly after that Elder Mendez called her saying that it’s the Mormon Missionaries, and she knew God answered her prayer. When I heard this I was too much in shock I could barely talk to her and her brother. Both are reading the Book of Mormon and know how to pray after teaching them. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and my testimony that God is real and answers prayers has been strengthen. So the rest of the week was fun. On Friday was both the Mission Christmas Activity and the Ward Christmas Activity. For the mission activity we gave gift to the other Elders and Elder Hermansen gave me a lot. The poster I have says J-Biebs Never Say Never, because in the mission the secretaries and other missionaries have a joke that I am Justin Bieber, along with the gifts I got my green card and am now legal in Mexico!! (Hahaha) President shared a message with us and we sang. We also had some really good food, por emploj we had Tamales and I mean authentic Tamales after Turkey, gravy, potatoes and corn (it tasted like home).  We had our ward Christmas Activity later that night and Elder Mendez and I sang in the Choir and helped with the piñatas. The ward also asked me to be Santa Claus for the kids and I just couldn’t say no to that! This is for all who have seen the Santa Claus as I was putting the suit on and putting the pants on I couldn’t help but think in the movie when he lifts the pants and says, this guy must have been huge! So that night I took pics with the ward as Santa and handed out candy to the kids and Ward Members. It was very fun and something the ward members will never forget. The rest of the week was okay. 
Small Christmas Message now. So a favorite Christmas story of mine is the Polar Express. If you’re not familiar with it a boy on Christmas Eve struggling in believing in Santa is invited to go on a magical train to the North Pole to see him with other children. He decides to go, but is still not sure. Once he gets to the North Pole he with the other children wait for Santa Claus. As they wait the Sleigh is ready with the Reindeer and toys. The Reindeer are wearing bells and all the Children can hear except him. One of the bells fly’s off the Reindeer and lands at his feet. He tries to ring it, but it won’t work, he finally decides to believe in Santa and the bell rings. Santa then chooses the boy to be given the first gift of Christmas and he chooses the Bell. Now why do I tell this story because it doesn’t sound like a lot to do with the gospel, but here is the connection. Think of the boy as you before, now or in other parts of your life where your testimony in Christ may have been hard for you to believe and have faith. The boy takes the journey on the train which I liken to the Gospel. He begins to experience all that it has and its great, but he’s still not sure. Finally though it is when he has the bel and decides to discover the gift and desire the faith that it rings in his ear as a familiar sound. The boy later says that the bell began to stop ringing for others, but he could still hear it in his old age. As members of the Church we sometimes struggle with our testimonies, it’s in this moment that we should jump on the train of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discover the marvelous gift our Savior has given us, and once we do this we then can hear the bell ring in our ear again and have it ring for the rest of our lives. I know without a shout of a doubt that Christ was born of Mary and his whole life was an example of how we should live and how we can return to the father. I know that he performed the perfect atonement for all and that it is a gift for all and is gratis (free) we just need to believe and accept him. I promise you too can hear this bell ring in your ear. Always remember that and remember the true meaning of Christmas the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love You All
Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
We’ll be underneath the Same Moon


For Family: Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me. So the weeks are really kind of dead during Christmas here in Mexico a ton of parties and the streets were practically dead. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that you pondered on the life of the Savior. I really love you guys and hope that you can feel that. Also please tell Bro Shepard that I’ll be waiting for him when I return. The work is a little slow like I said earlier, but Elder Mendez and I have a goal this week to contact 100 people! I can’t wait to work on this. Well family I have say I Love You all so much. 

For Blog: 
Hola miss queridos hermanos y hermanas, I hope that all is well with you and you enjoyed your Christmases, because I certainly did. This week I don’t have a ton to tell only that during Christmas that the streets here and the people are practically nonexistent. I wish there were more, but sometimes the work is slow. Christmas was awesome and I was able to skype with my wonderful family and I was glad to see every one of them! We ate so much food on Christmas I felt like I was going to explode, but it was all so good. Hopefully I’ll gain a little weight, because all my clothes are way too big for me because of all the weight I have lost from adjusting to the food. This Christmas was so much fun though because it was all with the members of the church and my family. The rest of the week was kind of sloe, but I still have good news because right now German is still on track to be baptized and all of our less active families are coming to church more often. So my message is going to be short this week because well I don’t have a ton to say about the week, because I can’t remember a ton of it either.

Now for a short message from me. So right now in my mission I am learning a lot about the gospel. So much that sometimes I get a little frustrated with myself when I make a mistake. Nonetheless though this Sunday in our Gospel Principles Class all who were there were able to say something about how this year was for them. I thought about it for a little bit, and I thought some more, and I am still thinking, but this is what I know this year has done for me. I began it as a High school student who was everyday looking forward to my papers and graduating. I was working in both my life skills and spiritual confidence, and I get to end it as a Servant of the Lord. This short and I mean short time in the mission field has shown me a lot though. One that the gospel is real I have seen things that year that testify of that. I have begun to learn more and more about this gospel and in doing so it has begun to change me into a better person than I was before. Still I have struggles and I am still learning as any child of God does, but I know that I don’t ever need to give up either. This gospel is so amazing and the spirit I have felt isn’t always over powering or brings tears, but peace. I know though that God is real as well as The Spirit of God, without it I couldn’t speak Spanish and teach the gospel. This church is so true and there are so many things that point to it. A beautiful thing about this church as well is that we can learn more and more about throughout our lives. I feel so good knowing I have a life time to perfect myself, and I am going to use it to do so. I know would like to invite you as well to continue or discover for the first time how true La Iglesias De JesuCristo De Los Santo De Los Ultimos Dias is true this next year. I know God answering prayers and he will answer yours. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I Love You All
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
We’ll be underneath the Same Moon
Elder Perfili

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pictures from this week!

ward he is serving in

Oh what ward are you serving in right now? 

Las Americas in the Aguascalientes Stake

I will add a couple pictures from this week also.

1st Cambio (transfer)

So my first transfer is down and I can’t believe that the time moved by that fast!

To talk about the work I don’t have too much to say. Right now I’m learning to contact because we are concentrating all our efforts on finding investigators. Exciting news though we do have a Baptismal Date for the end of December with our investigator German. It’s also pretty cool because he found the church through a member and came all on his own, he has come for 4 weeks now. We’ve been working with the less active members a lot and it’s awesome to see that they are coming to church right now.

So I learned on the 12 of December that it is a big holiday here in Mexico, It’s the Virgin Mary’s Birthday. Let me tell you that day was interesting because the streets were dead until night time when all the people were having there parties. My companion told me it’s when the Lamanites come out also, and he was right! Here they have a group of dancers come out and they are wearing Indian type clothing and they perform a dance for the virgin Guadalupe. It was an interesting day. Me and my companion are getting along for the most part and have a lot of fun. We are now able to understand each other a bit better because my Spanish has gotten a lot better. The gift of tongues is real and I thank God for that.

 Also I almost forgot the stake had a big Christmas Choir Yesterday on Sunday. It was fantastic! It was different hearing the music in Spanish, but the spirit I felt was still strong. My favorite was when they sang "Carol of the Bells", it was powerful. They also had a really powerful number with some missionaries were they sang Noel, but in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. The missionary that sang in Portuguese is in my district and were are pretty new to the mission so we get along really well, but he sings like Andre Boceli it’s really cool. It’s different though when Cambios come around because missionaries that you get to know and enjoy their spirit sometimes have to leave, and this week 3 missionaries that I got to know left. Cambios also can be exciting because my district now has 3 missionaries in training including me! It should be fun. 

Now for the part I love the most. So this week I want to share a Christmas Message. This week I was studying the Christmas story in Matthew, Luke, Helaman, and 3 Nephi. As I read I was reminded of all the times at Christmas we read the story of Christ’s Birth. As I read I could feel the spirit and the same nostalgia of Christmas with my family. Christmas is a time to spend with family and share love for one another this isn’t my message though. In Alma 7 10-14 and Luke 2 in the last few verses we learn about Christ in a very profound way. At the end of Luke we read about how Christ grew in stature and wisdom, and how he was found at the temple conversing with the doctors about God. Mary then asks where were you and why didn’t you tell us as a mother would, but I love Christ’s response. In a way he says this, I am your son on earth, but I am the Son of God and have a work to do while I am here for a short time. In Alma 7 10-14 we read that he is born of Mary and would suffer all manner of affliction so that he would better know of to succor his people. In Spanish succor means “to run to”. My message is this because of the birth of Jesus Christ and because he is the Son of God he came to earth like us human subject to all manner of difficulties and problems, but he did it because of this. One it was the will of the father and a gift from the father to his children that he loves very much, and also to better know how to run to our aide. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that Christmas is to remember his birth, life, and sacrifice for all. I know that Christ knows how to succor his people and that he loves us all so much, of this I testify in his Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen 
Love, Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again 

Well Both Be Underneath the Same Moon

Monday, December 8, 2014

1 month down in Mexico

So I have a Month in the mission already I can’t believe it! I don’t have a ton of news this week about my area. The work is kind of slow right now and were trying to find new people. Down here we can’t knock doors so it’s a lot of contacting and referrals. It’s interesting though because it doesn’t feel like Christmas fully without all the streets being light up with lights, but there is the occasional house that has its tree in the window and lights out front. I hope that you all have seen the new video the Church produced called He is the Gift or en Español El es la Dádiva. When I was in the MTC I actually got to see it as a devotional and learn how much work the Church has put into this. Right now on Time Square the Church has a huge ad for this video and the ad is the background for a show on MTV. The church also bought an ad on YouTube so that this is the first video people can watch on YouTube. This Christmas share the Gift. Share the knowledge that you have a Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was born in a manger, grew up as we do and served his mortal ministry among us. That he died on the cross so that we all may return to live in the presence of God if we choose to accept him and believe on his name. 
My Short Message:
Next week I will share a Christmas Message, but I want to share a message from the Book of Mormon. I was reading 2nd Nephi this week and I just love those first four chapters. If you don’t know it is when Lehi is speaking with his children on his death bed. He tells his sons to wake up and to shake the dust off and put on the amour of God. Later he tells of how the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as a prophesy. Lehi dies and Nephi then writes his Lament. My message is this every day we fight not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and his followers. The armor of God is essential, Wear the Breastplate of Righteousness and have you feet shod with peace, carry the shield of faith to protect yourself from temptation, wear the helmet of salvation and wield the sword of the Spirit of God which is the Word of God. Every day you leave home wear this armor and you to like Nephi you soul will arise and AWAKE with the knowledge that that you don’t need to yield to sin because of your flesh, but that you have a Savior and if you believe him ALWAYS knowing that he has a plan for you, you can have happiness in this life and the life to come.  
Well Both Be Underneath the Same Moon
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili        

Pictures from town center in Auguascaliente

Birthday cake! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2 Month's out

Some of the Language must be sticking into Elder Perfili's brain because you will notice he spells Nephi two different ways in his letter.  That is because in the Spanish Book of Mormon it is spelled Nefi. 

Thank you to all who have sent him messages and letters I know he is getting them unfortunately he does not do a very good job right now of replying to them.  Please be patient with him like I am trying to be (because he doesn't answer half of my questions either) and continue to write him if you are able to news from home is always welcome.

Again I have to begin by apologizing because my message is going to be short. We spent a lot of time in Centro today looking at the stores and the sites.

I’ll have pics for you all next week. There is just never enough time in the day for anything though. None for studying, none for proselyting and none for resting, but hey that’s missionary life. I'll include the highlights of the week.

So it was my birthday this week. My district surprised me at the district meeting this week with a cake and they sang to me. I also found out its tradition to have your face thrown in the cake. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving out here! So I didn’t get my turkey and mashed potatoes, but all was well on my birthday. Today I got to have Costco! Also I went to Centro and got to take photos of the Church’s and buildings there as well as do a little shopping. 

Now for the best part. So this week we had interviews with President Villarreal and Hermana Villarreal. In my interview there is a small thing I want to share and it’s similar to last week, but I know its revelation because I have been told the same thing three different times in different forms. It is "Have Righteous Desires". When we Desire we are letting the Lord know that we are ready to work and keep our commandments. In return according to our faith and our obedience he will always help us fully receive and understand what we desire. The weeks haven’t been easy we have been having a rough time finding people, but this week a desire came through and that is an investigator has started to progress. I thank God a lot for this. I also have one more thought. I was reading 1 Nefi 18 I think, but it’s the chapter when Nefi is commanded to build a boat. His brothers begin to mock him and delight in it. Nephi then talks and is filled with the power of God. What I like though is what Nefi says to his brothers. In a way he says this, "You have seen an angel, and witnessed the lord speak to you. You have been blessed every day in the Wilderness with food and the help guide of the Liahona. You know that God led the children of Israel out of Egypt and called Moses as a prophet to do so, and still you deny it and don’t know it." My message is this sometimes we know we need to pray, but were to tired, or read the scriptures, but I don’t have anytime. I’m not perfect with these things all the time either, but just as Nephi I strive to follow the commandments and do those things even though the natural man in me is tired and ready to sleep or not want to. I know that as we are obedient and STRIVE as Nephi we too will be filled with the Spirit and Power of God.

I Love You All
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
We’ll be underneath the Same Moon
Elder Perfili

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mission home

Elder Perfili in Mexico

Week 2 in Mexico

Again sorry for the short letter, but I’m pressed for time again this week. This week went by really fast so I can tell you it very quickly actually. Mexico is a very interesting country, but I love it. The people are so nice and I am so glad that I am here. The start of my week was really hard my body got sick because it’s still trying to adjust. My companion though being the great missionary he is gave me a blessing and this week I have been felling so good it’s crazy! So me and Elder Mendez are teaching a few people right now, but it sort of changed this week because we had exchanges with the zone leaders. So I actually went and taught with Elder Herr in his area in Jesus Maria. It was actually one of the best things that happened so far on my mission, because I now feel comfortable teaching even in my limited Spanish. With Elder Herr who is American he gave me confidence and told me that the language will come. So we worked out a plan this week and my goal is by the end of training to be fluent enough in the language to function properly. Exchanges were for two days and I taught more lessons in those two days then I had in my first week. I learned pizza here they eat with ketchup because pizza sauce is expensive. Anyway once exchanges ended it was good to get back with Elder Mendez. To say a little bit about my companion he likes soccer and has a very strong testimony and we are determined to be more obedient. 
Now for my favorite part my spiritual thought. So I am learning that a mission requires work, and I MEAN WORK! You are on your feet 11-12 hours a day going house to house hoping their home and then hoping that they will listen. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because I am so happy. I have been reading El Libro de Mormon partly for language study and also for a better testimony. This week I read the vision of the tree of life. I suggest you read it and then read the interpretation of the dream that Nephi sees. You’ll learn that God has given us everything and that it is essential to hold to the rod if we are ever to come to the gift if eternal life. Have a testimony in the doctrine of Christ and the fact that it is the only thing that can bring salvation to our souls. My last thought is this the angel asks Nephi what he desires in the chapter of the interpretation, and I ask you what do you desire to know from God? I know he will answer you.
Love you ALL
We’ll Be Underneath the same Moon 
God be with you till we meet again 
Elder Perfili

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First week in Mexico

Logan's P-day is on Monday so here is the first report from being in Mexico.

So I’m going to do my email kind of different this week because I’m on a time limit in an internet shop. So when we flew in the airport is extremely small and I couldn’t even see the runway when we landed. We got off the plan and the President and his wife and the office secretaries were waiting for us. We then spent the night at the secretary’s house. The next day we rode to a building for an orientation. The roads here are INSANE! The roads have lanes, but they don’t use them at all and they are crazy drivers. At the orientation I got to get to know some of the other missionaries and President also. President has a hard time saying my name as well as the members and the people. They say Elder Perfili the "I" is silent I guess. I met my companion Elder Mendez and he is really good. He is from Puebla Mexico. The entire day it rained. Elder Mendez toke me to the apartment and my first day I was in culture shock. It’s very different here in Mexico. The people always stare at me because I’m an American. They call me things like guerro. The people refer to the missionaries as Jovens or young people in English. I am trying really hard to learn the language and understand the people. I only have nine minutes so I’ll tell you some interesting things about Mexico. Every house has a gate in front of it and a dog on the roof for security. The dogs just bark and are solely for security. 
So my small spiritual message is this, I have been so blessed by my heavenly father it is amazing. My area is in the city around the downtown area, and the people here are extremely humble. I see the circumstances that these people live in and I see that God has blessed me with a knowledge of the gospel and also a wonderful upbringing. I know that these people are still happy though and I know that god has a plan for all his children and I have been abundantly blessed. I am realizing that the best way to repay my father is to teach his children the blessing that I have been given. Think about the blessings you have been given by God and you will see that he loves you so much.
I’m sorry but I have to go know I LOVE YOU ALL 
We’ll be underneath the same moon. 
God be With You Till We Meet Again 
Elder Perfili

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Logan is in Mexico

Logan is officially in Mexico! His companion and trainer is Elder Mendez and I will be serving in Aguascalients for my first area.  President Villareal is a really good Godly man from what I have seen so far and my spanish will come.

We were able to speak to him on Monday when he was in Houston, TX for a layover.  He sounded really good, a little anxious but that is a good thing, it will keep him on his toes.

If you would like to send something to him please use the address in Mexico on the previous post.  He loves hearing from people and really appreciates it also.

Thank you all who have written to him, it has giving him a lot of strength to know people here are thinking of him and wishing him success.

Love you all,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last week in the MTC

Wednesday- So the MTC is honestly the same thing over again with classes, devotionals and the shady cafeteria food. The thing that isn't consistent is the new message that you learn and how your testimony is strengthened. Today I learned for myself that the Book of Mormon yes is the keystone of our religion, but even more important it is the Fullness of the Gospel restored on the earth today. Revelation come through out the Book of Mormon all the time and it is always clear. I love reading it and wish I could read it all day sometimes. So I forgot I hosted the new missionaries today and did traffic and you will never believe what happened! While I was working someone from the front desk asked if I would be there all day and then said okay we have a VIP coming its David Archeleta and I need you to help him park his car. So sure enough later I got to see David Archeleta with his mom and he walked right in front if me it was pretty cool.

Thursday-Today was normal class, but the most inspirational part was the end of the day. We said goodbye to another brother and Elder tonight. He bore his testimony of the atonement and the healing power it brings. I am so glad for his example and for the fact he will be back out in the field in three months. The part that was so spiritual though was when as a Zone of Elders he asked that Elder Tolutau would give him a blessing. We all,k every Elder laid our hands on his head as Elder T blessed him. It was cool because that was my first opportunity to stand in on a blessing, but the spirit was incredible. I then lead a prayer with all the Elders present and I can still remember the words and how powerful it was. I gave him a big hug afterward trying not to cry to much seeing a brother go, but I know he is going to be just fine. 

Friday- So Halloween in the MTC was not Halloween at all. We still had class and we still learned. Some Elders switched their tags, but the best was the Sister from my District because they dressed up as each other and wore each others tags to. Only thing is they had to give back their tags because were not supposed to do that. I also had a very blessed opportunity to give a priesthood blessing today. I am so glad the power the priesthood brings and the beauty of the blessing in action as I know it has helped the Elder. I also got my Itinerary for Mexico Today and am leaving next Monday! It is now real!! 

Saturday- Today was different I didn't remember much of it other than a few things. When the gospel is only taught by one person it isn't as strong. If two people are teaching the spirit is there 100% more than it would be. I also have been really wanting to see in the hand of the lord more, and I found a song that said it best. "As I try to be obedient and remember to pray I'll see the tender mercies of the Lord". I believe in that 100%.
Sunday- I woke up so sick. I could barely breath and I was so tired I was late to Branch Counciul and bare;y hanging in there during the testimony meeting. My Branch President asked if I was okay and if I would be able to make it through Mission Conference. On Fast Sunday in the MTC we do a Mission Conference. I replied I'll be okay, but I really was thinking how can I make it through the rest of the day. I can remember sitting in the Gym and thinking I might just sleep, and then the craziest thing happened I could breath out of my nose and I was full of energy. I stayed awake the entire meeting and also was touched by the things that were said. I was reminded of my Temple Covenants in a talk and the First Vision, my favorite though Was President Nally's talk. he spoke on the account of Christ walking on water and Peter going out to him. To liken it to mission work we need to have the faith to get out of the boat and walk to him, and go as long as we can, but when we begin to fall both know that the Savior is there to help you and strengthen your faith. We also spoke on our favorite Book of Mormon stories right now and mine is Mosiah 1-5 I LOVE King Benjamin and the atonement now. Please read it. Tonight Russel M Nelson's wife spoke and it was awesome. Shari  Dew was at the meeting with her.  

Monday-Today my testimony of prayer keeps going. I know God answers prayers because I say it all day, in my health, with my companion, and with my teachers. The best part of the day though, and also the hardest. Today one of my Best Friends left for the Brazil Sao Paulo MTC. Elder Nielsen. I was so glad that he came here, He actually was an answer to my prayer. I was able talk with him last night about the mission and the miracle of him getting his visa. It was hard holding back tears giving him a hug and saying goodbye. I Love him though and know that the lord needs him in Brazil now. 

My thought for the week- I read the account of Christ visiting Peter and asking him to Feed my Sheep. I found a small connection from it to missionary work. Christ first blesses the apostles with mass amounts of fish and then bids them to come dine with them. Then he asks Peter 3 times Does thou lovest me? Each time Peter responds Yea Lord though knowest that I love thee. Christ answers and says feed my sheep. Ask I liken it to missionary work I saw the fish as the blessing of the gospel, there were so many fish the net should have broken just like the blessing we receive by living and following it. We then need to take this fish, and not feed it to sheep but to our fellow men. To get up and allow them to feast upon the words of Christ and know they can live without guilt,sadness, and always suffering, but live with joy, happiness, and love. It's also important to note that he told Peter to leave the Fisherman life style. I likewise believe the same  no matter what you think, YOU CAN SHARE THE MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL. For the young men GO!! You need to go, leave and feed the Lord's sheep. After all if ye love me Feed my Sheep. 
Thank you all for your encouragement and letters I really do appreciate it, sorry if I haven't responded I'm working on it. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again.
"Well both be underneath the same moon"
Elder Perfili

Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 4

Four Weeks and I still remember the first day that I came into the MTC. Not a ton has happened in terms of fun and exciting things here in the MTC, but the things that have happened have changed my heart and made me more receptive to the gospel. 
The day started off rough, we were late to service, barley made it in time for breakfast and we had our bags locked up. I couldn't help but smile the entire time though. I got to missing home and my best friend today, but I know that were under the same moon. The most important thing today though was being able to learn that a mission in patience and hard work, and I intend to work hard.
My language is coming along more and more now. I can confidently teach in Spanish and I just love it. Don't get me wrong it gets difficult, but I am on the Lord's side I know that he will help me.
Just a normal day at the MTC.
Today was a day that changed a lot of things for me. The day started with service and it felt good. Elder Jones and I both have decided to increase our vocab in Spanish as well as try and read the scriptures in Spanish along side the English book of Mormon. This day I decided to study prayer. I have so many questions that I wanted to seek guidance on that I spent most of the day in serious reflection. I also learned today with the help of Hermano Thompson how I can ask inspired questions to better help investigators. It just made me think more. I love the sisters in my District, because that night during Hermana Larsen's lesson I was able to talk to Hermana Tait about the things I was thinking about she then told me that I was right to pray and that I would receive an answer. She gave it to me that night though she told me that I need to put my whole heart in this mission even though part is still at home. I have done better with this. Oh and guess who is now a Zone Leader! Yup me and Elder Jones are both serving as Zone Leaders its kind of nerve racking really you don't want to mess up, but I love these missionaries so much. Tonight we also did a Hakka for the leaving missionaries and it was awesome. They loved it. 
Today's focus was on repentant and it was fantastic. I learned so much about the atonement in my life I never thought could possibly be done. That night the speaker spoke about being worthy to be on a mission and if were not to get worthy while we are here so we don't carry that around with us. I honestly thought about somethings that I have done and got discouraged. That night though I prayed with a broken heart and a contrite spirit calling upon God to forgive me and accepted the atonement in my life. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard before in my life, but I have never felt more peace in  my life before either. 
Today was rough, but it's when things seem wrong that you mustn't quit. I began the day feeling a bit antsy and discouraged I was scared. The thing that brought me hope though was when I prayed for peace and I felt it. A lot of what was learned today can be said that you funnel everything down to the need of the investigator. This entire day I have felt peace from my Savior. I should have mentioned earlier, the speakers that have address us Elder Godoy and another who I can't member his name have spoken on repenting now and not putting it off. Elder Jones and I have both been experiencing peace and we cannot be more thankful for our Savior. We started our Zone Devotionals again and the Spirit was so Strong with the message and how Elder Jones and I bore our testimonies of Christ. I learned today that no matter what you have done that Jesus Christ knows how to succor his people. This verse in Alma 7 has new meaning to me. "Succor" in Spanish has a different meaning, it means to run to. I know that there are days that are hard that nothing goes right, rest if you must, but don't you quit. It's when things seem worst that you mustn't, (From I poem I like) even more so why would you when you know that Jesus Christ will run to you to save you. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer he is the Almighty God, Counselor, Wonderful, the Prince of Peace, The One and Only Christ Jesus. I know he lives and cannot wait to share this same message with the people of Mexico. I leave this solid witness and testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
We'll both be under the same Moon
God Be With You Till We Meet Again,
Elder Perfili 
P.S.(Thank you for the letter keep them coming I'm sorry if I haven't responded yet.) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

week three

Wow Three Weeks in The CCM (MTC)!! Its been a really odd week because we have moved from West to Main. We got a new District and they are awesome I have gotten to know them really well and I love them. There's nothing really cool to share about the MTC right now other than my language is coming along and we did TRC's and all the investigators said that me and my companion have some pretty good Spanish. I don't have a ton of time to write because I went to the consulate today and today is P-Day so I'm sorry again because this is going to be a bit of a short message. The consulate I went to today  was in Salt Lake and I literally went, took a photo and gave them my right and left finger print, and that was it. It was really kind of easy and the person from Church travel that helped us served in the same mission that President Francis is presiding over, it is really is a small world. Oh so the things I learned this week were this. 

Patience: Me and my companion taught an investigator this one day and it went horrible. I was so upset with myself, but from that experience I learned that i need the Holy Ghost when I teach and even more so I need to be patient with myself and the lord, because this work and my learning comes through my hard work and in his own due time.  

Love: One night this week I taught my District in a short devotional about love. I showed them the Mormon Message Enduring Love. The quote at the end and the video are a great thing to learn about missionary work. I told them that the best possible way to serve your mission is to Love them! Even if you didn't baptize a ton of people, if I Loved them with all my heart it was a successful mission.  

The Worth of the Gospel: John 7:14-16 (Or something around there) When I read this immediately realized that all thoughts about myself shouldn't be. i learned that i am not greater than He who has Sent me, and that his work is far better than anything I am told to do. I now realize that I am doing nothing but that which the Father commands and that is what I will strive to do for the rest of my mission.

I love the gospel and cannot wait to share it with the people of Aguascalientes Mexico. This Gospel is true and all things in the world point to the existence of a God. I KNOW it is TRUE.
Again I love you all so much, sorry if I haven't responded to a letter. Please write. 
We'll both be Under the Same Moon 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again 
Elder Perfili 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New address

My address is new its Elder Logan Jonathan Perfili 
Nov 10 Mex, Aguas 
2013 N.900 E. Unit 383 Provo, UT 84602

Logan was moved to the main campus so he has a new address.

Please if you have a moment he would really like a letter from any one who has a good thought or a kind word of encouragement.  He is having a few growing pains at this time.  I know as his mom I worry about him to much but he would sure love to hear from some of his friends and family.

Thank you all who have been so supportive of his decision to serve.  


Monday, October 13, 2014

Writing Logan a letter

If you would like to send Logan a letter in the MTC there is a website you can use to have things sent the same day if you get the letter done by 11:00 am or next day.  The website is . When you go on the website you just need to open an account to write a letter.  To fill in the information about Logan you need Elder Logan Perfili, Unit 383 and estimated MTC departute of November 10.  You do not need a mission code.  There is not a charge to do the letter but you can make a donation if you would like to.

He would love to get letters from all.  His P-day in the MTC is on Saturdays and will try to answer letters on that day.

October 11, 2014

Well it has been a week living at the MTC and boy its going by fast!
General Conference is absolutely incredible at the MTC and it is amazing to see the number of missionaries that are here in the MTC with the soul goal in mind of spreading the gospel to the world. I ended up seeing Elder Gieger on Sunday and I gave him as big a hug as I possibly could have he said he had been looking for me but found out how all the Spanish speakers are on West Campus, but we are being moved up to the Main Campus in a week. I forgot to mention last week my first day here I saw Elder Weaver. He about jumped out of his seat when he saw me and gave me a big hug and said youll love it here dont worry. On Sunday night we had a devotional and the speaker was Vai Sikahema! He talk was about the continuance of missionary work after the missionary and that we should encourage our parents at home also. He shared an experience of a time he was flying and he began talking with a woman about our church and a little boy wearing BYU shirt was sitting next to them as well. He talked about how the church teaches children about the fall of Adam and hoping that The little boy in the BYU shirt was a member asked him to recite an Article of Faith about the fall. The boy responded perfectly!! Unfortunately he never progressed past that initial discussion with the woman. He kept in touch with that little boy though and he is now serving a mission. In a recent letter he sent Via received the little boy now missionary revealed that though that woman wasn't converted that Via was converting him that day. We never know who in listening, but its important to open or mouths and share.
Just class and eating. The language is coming along and we continue to teach Anna she is very receptive to the spirit. I just need to practice my Spanish a lot more!!
Just class and studying, and when I say studying I mean for 16 hours a day we are dong nothing but learning the word of God. Its amazing the things you can learn when you really take the time to study and ponder them.Elder Nielsen spoke at the devotional tonight and it was great. He spoke of the things we should do as a missionary so that we don't wish we had when we get home.
The days just move by so fast its crazy! Today is the one week mark and we honestly cant believe it sooner or later well be leaving to! Class is fantastic and Hermano Thompson said he has a surprise for us. As a district we had to say goodbye to one of our Sisters. We found out that she had been praying since she arrived if the mission was still the right thing for her, and she found through personal revelation that she was being called to do something else with her life. The experience was sad and eye opening all at once. It's honestly like losing family when someone in the district goes home, but we know God has a plan for each of his children and we support her decision.
Surprise we have a new teacher! Her name is Hermana Larsen and she served in Argentina. She brings the spirit, but when she teaches it is like drinking from a fire house! I'll have to admit though. I became so overwhelmed as she taught us all these things that we need to do as missionaries. We need to focus on the investigators and how to connect them to God. The problem though was I was trying so hard that I finally just made myself upset and felt just helpless. My companion Elder Jones asked what was wrong later that night and I just told him I was so overwhelmed I didn't know how I was going be a missionary! My companion the great guy he is gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. That night I prayed so hard for the strenght and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
Friday- God Answers Prays
Today was a day that had  nothing but the personal revelation that I had been seeking. Hermana Larsen taught on Stress in the morning. I learned that stress is a normal part of missionary life, and that Stress+Rest= Growth. It was like a light ulp killed ini my head! It was like a complete and total gift from God. I learned from her lesson that once I stop worrying about the things at home and just focus on the Doctrine of Christ that I can truly see the many gifts that God gives me each day. Then later that day Hermano Thompson taught us this principle: Consecrate yourself and lock your heart. As missionaries our sole purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ how are we to do this if we don't banish the things that prevent our growth and our ability to become like Christ? We must have love in our hearts for everyone (not to find a spouse), a testimony and above all the spirit there also. He also taught Spanish and how to greet people and begin a lesson. The part though that was a complete and total answer to my prayer is when we did scripture study and he told us how we can study the scripture, but also. He said he hopes we'll be good missionaries, but we wont be great until we learn how to be like the master teacher, Jesus Christ. He told me right there that I need to literary become Christ and I know that, that is exactly what I want to do, become Christ.
I Love you all and hope that you know this. I will see you all soon after all were all under the same moon. If you want to write me use Dear Elder. Im sorry, but i still need to find a way to send picture so bear with me.
God Be with you till we meet again,
Elder Perfili

Sunday, October 5, 2014

First letter

Hey Mom! So its my first email and I was told to tell you that I am alive and dong well. Which is all true. The first day was a little rough everything happened so fast that once you guys dropped me off I found out that I would be staying on West Campus for three weeks and then the lasts three weeks I will be on main campus. Its a very exciting time here at the MTC. My companion is Elder Jones and he is a great Elder. He has a super strong desire to learn the language to to teach the gospel, just as I do. My district is made up of 4 Elders and 4 Sisters. The sisters are a true blessing in the district because they keep us in line and are extremely helpful. I met the Branch Presidency Thursday night and they are truly the lords messengers. I was called as District Leader for the first three weeks being here at the MTC, who knows maybe a Zone Leader in the last three weeks. The entire time I have been here it has become more and more clear just how much I didn't know about teaching the gospel. I have learned so much Spanish and teaching it has been crazy! My Spanish is coming along though, Hermano Tompson is the best teacher I could have asked for. He brings the spirit with him every time he teaches. I'll email you again on Sunday hopefully, and I'm so glad to hear that all of you are having such a good time. 

I miss you guys, but I know that this is the Lord's will for me.

I love you all, especially my family.
Elder Perfili 

mission farewell

Forgiving Others:
 Good morning brothers and sisters, as many of you know I will be serving a mission in the coming days and have been called to serve the wonderful people of Aguascalientes Mexico for two years and am very excited. I was asked by Brother Seymour to speak on forgiving others and the scripture I was given was D&C 64 9-11 (Read Scripture). Now the first question that came to me was how can we forgive so easily and also forget. Through my research I found a talk by Marion D Hanks and his answer was simple, but I feel is the exact answer of how and why we forgive others, Love. In Elder Hanks talk he shares one of Christ’s last messages which was, “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants, but friends.” Now if we are true friends of Christ then why would forgiving others be difficult for some and why can’t they have love in their hearts?  Someone has written: “… the withholding of love is the negation of the spirit of Christ, the proof that we never knew him, that for us he lived in vain. It means that he suggested nothing in all our thoughts, that he inspired nothing in all our lives that we were not once near enough to him to be seized with the spell of his compassion for the world.” When I read this I felt an immense power witness of the truthfulness of this statement, and that we as God’s children cannot afford to negate ourselves from his love if we to want to be called not only friends of Jesus Christ, but brothers and sisters of our Savior. To illustrate this point I have a personal experience that goes perfectly. During my senior year I came in to contact with all sorts of people. Few of which I called friends and acquaintances. One day I went shopping with friends to go and buy a new pair of shoes. We went to the store and the first pair I saw I bought it was an easy trip. Driving back to my house though we began having a conversation about my radio not working and one of those two friends said something to me that greatly offended me. I didn’t let her know, and instead I let it grow and fester in my mind and in my heart for the next few days until finally I unleashed an assault of hateful and rude things and demanded an apology for the words that had been said. By doing this though I had only made the situation worse and created even more of a problem with my friend. Now to speed the story up I forgave her and she forgave me, but I first had to humble myself and realize that the feelings of hate were cutting me off form the presence of the holy ghost and most important my Father in Heaven. I learned firsthand that when we withhold love from others we can no longer have the spirt present. This experience changed my thoughts toward those that have wronged me, I no longer feel hate and anger, but love because I want them to know that I love them and also want both of us to feel the spirit again. There is another personal experience that I would also like to share that taught more of forgiveness. I again was with a friend this one though being very close to me. We were driving home from a practice for our graduation ceremony. We began discussing our plans for the night and how our families would be involved. I then said something I knew as soon as it left my mouth was wrong and shouldn’t have ever been said. My friend immediately dropped me of at my house and left upset, angry and disappointed that I had let her down with my rude and ill-mannered phrase. After she dropped me off I thought about what I said and knew that it was wrong and just hoped that she could find it in her heart to forgive me. Shortly after she had dropped me off she came back to my home and asked that we could talk about what I said. I began to ask for her forgiveness, but little did I know that she had already forgotten what I said and had forgiven me because she loved me. How great an example of love she is to me especially because she is so close to me and to know that she did not harbor feelings of hate, but love. Sometimes though I think we forget that the most important people to forgive and love is our self. There is a Mormon Message I like that is a perfect example of this. I am just going to summarize for the sake of time, but a man begins by telling his story of how he was a complete and total mess from drugs and alcohol and had been sent to prison twice in one year. In prison he came to the conclusion that this was God’s way of telling him he needed to change. He prayed with sincerity that night and asked how he could possibly be forgiven when he heard this answer “Mark it’s because I love you.” Shortly after his release he went to BYU and had some bad experiences he relapsed with drugs and got involved in a robbery. He hid in a bush outside as the cops gathered around the store, and began to think of how he could have robbed this individual and the fear he saw in the eyes of those he had robbed form. He was almost about to take his life when he said the world stopped and that same voice spoke again saying, “I’m still here”. To speed the story along he turned himself in and spent another nine years in prison, but said that it was worth it, because he knows now that his Savior lives and loves him immensely. He now lives happily with his wife and son Ammon. From this experience I learned so much that not only should we forgive and love our self no matter what, but that our Savior loves us no matter what our faults and weaknesses are. As members we should realize that we are not perfect, but that we can be perfect through the example and atonement of Jesus Christ our savior who loves us and forgave us of our sins and weaknesses. I believe that once we forgive not only are we making our self more Christ like, but we ourselves begin to enjoy the world around us. We see everyone as our brother and our sister of our Heavenly Father and can truly be happy and have joy in our hearts. When we forgive we are able to focus everything that we have on the building up of the Kingdom of God and to be a true friend and family member to Jesus Christ. There is another story I would like to share with you now which I believe will build upon the commandment of forgiving.
My Big Brother
When I was just a small child, I had a favorite big brother. He was great to me. He'd put his big arm around me and we'd go scampering down some cool dirt path. At times like this I felt ten feet tall. He didn't seem to mind me tagging along one bit, and there was nothing I liked better. 

I was so proud of him! When I was with him I felt like I was beaming stronger than the sun. He was good at everything. I never could seem to match the mountains he made out of sand. Mine always seemed to crumble and sag, but his would stand as firm as the Rocky Mountains. 

Dad always tried not to show how proud he was of him...him being the oldest and all, but his smile always seemed to be a bit brighter when my big brother came around. 

I felt that my world had collapsed when he went on his mission. Dad and Mom both had to fight back the tears. He called Dad and Mom regularly and let us know how much he loved us. He even told us about how great his mission was, so Mom wouldn't worry. 

The persecution was really bad there as the church was just getting started. But he never seemed to let himself get down, even though the people wouldn't believe his message. We'd all share in his joy when he'd get some new converts, but I don't mind saying that I was scared that the nonbelievers would do something to him. It even got to the point where men were plotting to take his life. But Dad never seemed to be worried for some reason. 

Then one day we received word that his mission had ended, but not as most men's do. I was struck by the terrifying news. 

They finally got hold of my brother. The big brother that I had played with. The one who never seemed capable of doing anything wrong. My big brother who loved everyone he knew, and who most everyone loved. 

They beat him and mocked him. He suffered all they did to him without striking back. Why would anyone want to hurt my big brother? I couldn't understand. 

A mob took him to a hill just outside of town, and spitting on him, they nailed him alive to a cross. My soul moaned as I heard that he begged father to forgive them. Racked with unbearable pain, he gave up his life for what he believed. My big brother, my king, my idol was dead. I cried though what seemed to be the darkest day of my life. Where was my big brother with whom I had shaped mountains of sand? Why did he of all my brothers have to die like this? 

Time passed and I was called on my mission. Sometimes I forget what happened so long ago, but every Sunday a small piece of bread and a small cup of water remind me of what my big brother did for me and assures me that he yet lives.
 The part I would like to highlight though is the part where Christ’s love shines through the most and that is when he forgives those who are crucifying him. I try to imagine how painful and how much hate and anger he could have had toward his brothers and sisters who were crucifying him, but instead he loved them enough to go and to atone for the sins of mankind. I cannot wait to share this same message with the people of Mexico and to teach them of the love that both their God and Savior Jesus Christ have for them
Bear Testimony, In the name of Jesus Christ


Second letter

Hey Dad, Mom and those that are reading this.
So its been only four days, counting today here in the MTC and I have done nothing but love my time here. 

The first day here was probably the hardest. The goodbyes and then the complete and total shock that my call is no longer in training mode. The first day went by so fast it was almost a blur, I got my tag a PMG and then was directed to a bus that would be taking me to West Campus which is where all Spanish speaking Elders go and spend there time at the MTC. After dropping bags off at the apartment  then walked to my class over in the Raintree Complex and meet both my companion, Elder Jones, and my teacher Hermano Tompson. When I was told that it would Spanish from here on out there were half right. All lessons are taught in Spanish by hermano Tompson, but when he needs to teach us something of the utmost importance he addresses us and English. No matter the language though he still teaches with the spirit and is incredibly motivated to have us teach with the spirit and also in the SPanish language. Our first lesson was solely on our purpose as missionaries. Which is nothing but to INVITE ALL TO COME UNTO CHRIST!!!!!! No one not even those who feel there are not worthy or clean to be forgiven are excluded from the invitation to put off the carnal man and to be perfected in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was able to meet with President Nally and his wife today and shake his hand. Class has been fun though and the food has been good, so far. We did an interactive workshop with investigators tonight and learned that above all the needs of our investigator our so important so that we can learn how the spirit can touch them through our words.  
  The first night and day are the hardest  was told, but it wasn't that bad. The District like I said in my previous e-mail here at the MTC is made up of 4 Elders ,including me, and 4 Sisters. I room with all the Elders who are just great. Elder Jones is my companion and his desire to learn the language is honestly so strong that I think I may need to pick up my feet a bit if I want to be able to communicate with him. The other two Elders are Elder Froicland and Elder Tolutalu. The Sisters here in the district are just amazing. There are truly the daughters of God! I forgot to mention that I was able to see Elder Weaver on Wednesday he bout jumped out of his seat when he saw me. We met with the Branch Presidency tonight and  was called as District Leader for 3 weeks. I feel an immense responsibility and power has been given to me. i know though that as I develop CHristlike attribute that  will be able to lead them the way that God would want them to be led.
We taught our first investigator and it was all to be done in Spanish. It was so difficult ,and my companion took lead the entire time thank goodness. I'm learning that a lot of the time I spend here is to do nothing but learn and to study. We are given 4 hours a day to study and it is so hard to stay focused sometimes, the time you spend truly studying the word of God is time that is well spent. The Zone Leaders are great and the Zone is just the greatest group o0f Elders and Sister's that I could be surrounded by. Elder Andersen and Elder Schlapi (The Zone Leaders) have taken me under there wing a bit which is helpful, but what is also helpful to know that every missionary here wants to help us. Its all one collective effort which makes the Spirit so strong here.
Today is Confrence and it is such a blessing to have the Prophet and Apostles speak to us. I have felt the spirit so strongly and hope you do too as you listen.

Things i've learned this week. My purpose as a Missionary. That as missionaries and as members the only way to truly convert ourselves are to go from not Knowing but Doing, and from doing to Become. This is the true and only way the spirit can convert our investigators and ourselves. 
Im sorry I cant write more its hard to know what  to say right now, but I will get the mail soon and write those who have written me. Pictures will come I promise! 
 I leave my blessing of love and peace with you all that this gospel is true and is of complete happiness. 
I have none other object save it be the everlasting welfare of your souls amen. 2Nephi 2:30

I love you all, 

Elder Perfili