Monday, October 13, 2014

October 11, 2014

Well it has been a week living at the MTC and boy its going by fast!
General Conference is absolutely incredible at the MTC and it is amazing to see the number of missionaries that are here in the MTC with the soul goal in mind of spreading the gospel to the world. I ended up seeing Elder Gieger on Sunday and I gave him as big a hug as I possibly could have he said he had been looking for me but found out how all the Spanish speakers are on West Campus, but we are being moved up to the Main Campus in a week. I forgot to mention last week my first day here I saw Elder Weaver. He about jumped out of his seat when he saw me and gave me a big hug and said youll love it here dont worry. On Sunday night we had a devotional and the speaker was Vai Sikahema! He talk was about the continuance of missionary work after the missionary and that we should encourage our parents at home also. He shared an experience of a time he was flying and he began talking with a woman about our church and a little boy wearing BYU shirt was sitting next to them as well. He talked about how the church teaches children about the fall of Adam and hoping that The little boy in the BYU shirt was a member asked him to recite an Article of Faith about the fall. The boy responded perfectly!! Unfortunately he never progressed past that initial discussion with the woman. He kept in touch with that little boy though and he is now serving a mission. In a recent letter he sent Via received the little boy now missionary revealed that though that woman wasn't converted that Via was converting him that day. We never know who in listening, but its important to open or mouths and share.
Just class and eating. The language is coming along and we continue to teach Anna she is very receptive to the spirit. I just need to practice my Spanish a lot more!!
Just class and studying, and when I say studying I mean for 16 hours a day we are dong nothing but learning the word of God. Its amazing the things you can learn when you really take the time to study and ponder them.Elder Nielsen spoke at the devotional tonight and it was great. He spoke of the things we should do as a missionary so that we don't wish we had when we get home.
The days just move by so fast its crazy! Today is the one week mark and we honestly cant believe it sooner or later well be leaving to! Class is fantastic and Hermano Thompson said he has a surprise for us. As a district we had to say goodbye to one of our Sisters. We found out that she had been praying since she arrived if the mission was still the right thing for her, and she found through personal revelation that she was being called to do something else with her life. The experience was sad and eye opening all at once. It's honestly like losing family when someone in the district goes home, but we know God has a plan for each of his children and we support her decision.
Surprise we have a new teacher! Her name is Hermana Larsen and she served in Argentina. She brings the spirit, but when she teaches it is like drinking from a fire house! I'll have to admit though. I became so overwhelmed as she taught us all these things that we need to do as missionaries. We need to focus on the investigators and how to connect them to God. The problem though was I was trying so hard that I finally just made myself upset and felt just helpless. My companion Elder Jones asked what was wrong later that night and I just told him I was so overwhelmed I didn't know how I was going be a missionary! My companion the great guy he is gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. That night I prayed so hard for the strenght and the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
Friday- God Answers Prays
Today was a day that had  nothing but the personal revelation that I had been seeking. Hermana Larsen taught on Stress in the morning. I learned that stress is a normal part of missionary life, and that Stress+Rest= Growth. It was like a light ulp killed ini my head! It was like a complete and total gift from God. I learned from her lesson that once I stop worrying about the things at home and just focus on the Doctrine of Christ that I can truly see the many gifts that God gives me each day. Then later that day Hermano Thompson taught us this principle: Consecrate yourself and lock your heart. As missionaries our sole purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ how are we to do this if we don't banish the things that prevent our growth and our ability to become like Christ? We must have love in our hearts for everyone (not to find a spouse), a testimony and above all the spirit there also. He also taught Spanish and how to greet people and begin a lesson. The part though that was a complete and total answer to my prayer is when we did scripture study and he told us how we can study the scripture, but also. He said he hopes we'll be good missionaries, but we wont be great until we learn how to be like the master teacher, Jesus Christ. He told me right there that I need to literary become Christ and I know that, that is exactly what I want to do, become Christ.
I Love you all and hope that you know this. I will see you all soon after all were all under the same moon. If you want to write me use Dear Elder. Im sorry, but i still need to find a way to send picture so bear with me.
God Be with you till we meet again,
Elder Perfili

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