Monday, December 15, 2014

1st Cambio (transfer)

So my first transfer is down and I can’t believe that the time moved by that fast!

To talk about the work I don’t have too much to say. Right now I’m learning to contact because we are concentrating all our efforts on finding investigators. Exciting news though we do have a Baptismal Date for the end of December with our investigator German. It’s also pretty cool because he found the church through a member and came all on his own, he has come for 4 weeks now. We’ve been working with the less active members a lot and it’s awesome to see that they are coming to church right now.

So I learned on the 12 of December that it is a big holiday here in Mexico, It’s the Virgin Mary’s Birthday. Let me tell you that day was interesting because the streets were dead until night time when all the people were having there parties. My companion told me it’s when the Lamanites come out also, and he was right! Here they have a group of dancers come out and they are wearing Indian type clothing and they perform a dance for the virgin Guadalupe. It was an interesting day. Me and my companion are getting along for the most part and have a lot of fun. We are now able to understand each other a bit better because my Spanish has gotten a lot better. The gift of tongues is real and I thank God for that.

 Also I almost forgot the stake had a big Christmas Choir Yesterday on Sunday. It was fantastic! It was different hearing the music in Spanish, but the spirit I felt was still strong. My favorite was when they sang "Carol of the Bells", it was powerful. They also had a really powerful number with some missionaries were they sang Noel, but in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. The missionary that sang in Portuguese is in my district and were are pretty new to the mission so we get along really well, but he sings like Andre Boceli it’s really cool. It’s different though when Cambios come around because missionaries that you get to know and enjoy their spirit sometimes have to leave, and this week 3 missionaries that I got to know left. Cambios also can be exciting because my district now has 3 missionaries in training including me! It should be fun. 

Now for the part I love the most. So this week I want to share a Christmas Message. This week I was studying the Christmas story in Matthew, Luke, Helaman, and 3 Nephi. As I read I was reminded of all the times at Christmas we read the story of Christ’s Birth. As I read I could feel the spirit and the same nostalgia of Christmas with my family. Christmas is a time to spend with family and share love for one another this isn’t my message though. In Alma 7 10-14 and Luke 2 in the last few verses we learn about Christ in a very profound way. At the end of Luke we read about how Christ grew in stature and wisdom, and how he was found at the temple conversing with the doctors about God. Mary then asks where were you and why didn’t you tell us as a mother would, but I love Christ’s response. In a way he says this, I am your son on earth, but I am the Son of God and have a work to do while I am here for a short time. In Alma 7 10-14 we read that he is born of Mary and would suffer all manner of affliction so that he would better know of to succor his people. In Spanish succor means “to run to”. My message is this because of the birth of Jesus Christ and because he is the Son of God he came to earth like us human subject to all manner of difficulties and problems, but he did it because of this. One it was the will of the father and a gift from the father to his children that he loves very much, and also to better know how to run to our aide. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that Christmas is to remember his birth, life, and sacrifice for all. I know that Christ knows how to succor his people and that he loves us all so much, of this I testify in his Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen 
Love, Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again 

Well Both Be Underneath the Same Moon

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