Tuesday, October 21, 2014

week three

Wow Three Weeks in The CCM (MTC)!! Its been a really odd week because we have moved from West to Main. We got a new District and they are awesome I have gotten to know them really well and I love them. There's nothing really cool to share about the MTC right now other than my language is coming along and we did TRC's and all the investigators said that me and my companion have some pretty good Spanish. I don't have a ton of time to write because I went to the consulate today and today is P-Day so I'm sorry again because this is going to be a bit of a short message. The consulate I went to today  was in Salt Lake and I literally went, took a photo and gave them my right and left finger print, and that was it. It was really kind of easy and the person from Church travel that helped us served in the same mission that President Francis is presiding over, it is really is a small world. Oh so the things I learned this week were this. 

Patience: Me and my companion taught an investigator this one day and it went horrible. I was so upset with myself, but from that experience I learned that i need the Holy Ghost when I teach and even more so I need to be patient with myself and the lord, because this work and my learning comes through my hard work and in his own due time.  

Love: One night this week I taught my District in a short devotional about love. I showed them the Mormon Message Enduring Love. The quote at the end and the video are a great thing to learn about missionary work. I told them that the best possible way to serve your mission is to Love them! Even if you didn't baptize a ton of people, if I Loved them with all my heart it was a successful mission.  

The Worth of the Gospel: John 7:14-16 (Or something around there) When I read this immediately realized that all thoughts about myself shouldn't be. i learned that i am not greater than He who has Sent me, and that his work is far better than anything I am told to do. I now realize that I am doing nothing but that which the Father commands and that is what I will strive to do for the rest of my mission.

I love the gospel and cannot wait to share it with the people of Aguascalientes Mexico. This Gospel is true and all things in the world point to the existence of a God. I KNOW it is TRUE.
Again I love you all so much, sorry if I haven't responded to a letter. Please write. 
We'll both be Under the Same Moon 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again 
Elder Perfili 

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