Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First week in Mexico

Logan's P-day is on Monday so here is the first report from being in Mexico.

So I’m going to do my email kind of different this week because I’m on a time limit in an internet shop. So when we flew in the airport is extremely small and I couldn’t even see the runway when we landed. We got off the plan and the President and his wife and the office secretaries were waiting for us. We then spent the night at the secretary’s house. The next day we rode to a building for an orientation. The roads here are INSANE! The roads have lanes, but they don’t use them at all and they are crazy drivers. At the orientation I got to get to know some of the other missionaries and President also. President has a hard time saying my name as well as the members and the people. They say Elder Perfili the "I" is silent I guess. I met my companion Elder Mendez and he is really good. He is from Puebla Mexico. The entire day it rained. Elder Mendez toke me to the apartment and my first day I was in culture shock. It’s very different here in Mexico. The people always stare at me because I’m an American. They call me things like guerro. The people refer to the missionaries as Jovens or young people in English. I am trying really hard to learn the language and understand the people. I only have nine minutes so I’ll tell you some interesting things about Mexico. Every house has a gate in front of it and a dog on the roof for security. The dogs just bark and are solely for security. 
So my small spiritual message is this, I have been so blessed by my heavenly father it is amazing. My area is in the city around the downtown area, and the people here are extremely humble. I see the circumstances that these people live in and I see that God has blessed me with a knowledge of the gospel and also a wonderful upbringing. I know that these people are still happy though and I know that god has a plan for all his children and I have been abundantly blessed. I am realizing that the best way to repay my father is to teach his children the blessing that I have been given. Think about the blessings you have been given by God and you will see that he loves you so much.
I’m sorry but I have to go know I LOVE YOU ALL 
We’ll be underneath the same moon. 
God be With You Till We Meet Again 
Elder Perfili

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