Sunday, October 5, 2014

Second letter

Hey Dad, Mom and those that are reading this.
So its been only four days, counting today here in the MTC and I have done nothing but love my time here. 

The first day here was probably the hardest. The goodbyes and then the complete and total shock that my call is no longer in training mode. The first day went by so fast it was almost a blur, I got my tag a PMG and then was directed to a bus that would be taking me to West Campus which is where all Spanish speaking Elders go and spend there time at the MTC. After dropping bags off at the apartment  then walked to my class over in the Raintree Complex and meet both my companion, Elder Jones, and my teacher Hermano Tompson. When I was told that it would Spanish from here on out there were half right. All lessons are taught in Spanish by hermano Tompson, but when he needs to teach us something of the utmost importance he addresses us and English. No matter the language though he still teaches with the spirit and is incredibly motivated to have us teach with the spirit and also in the SPanish language. Our first lesson was solely on our purpose as missionaries. Which is nothing but to INVITE ALL TO COME UNTO CHRIST!!!!!! No one not even those who feel there are not worthy or clean to be forgiven are excluded from the invitation to put off the carnal man and to be perfected in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was able to meet with President Nally and his wife today and shake his hand. Class has been fun though and the food has been good, so far. We did an interactive workshop with investigators tonight and learned that above all the needs of our investigator our so important so that we can learn how the spirit can touch them through our words.  
  The first night and day are the hardest  was told, but it wasn't that bad. The District like I said in my previous e-mail here at the MTC is made up of 4 Elders ,including me, and 4 Sisters. I room with all the Elders who are just great. Elder Jones is my companion and his desire to learn the language is honestly so strong that I think I may need to pick up my feet a bit if I want to be able to communicate with him. The other two Elders are Elder Froicland and Elder Tolutalu. The Sisters here in the district are just amazing. There are truly the daughters of God! I forgot to mention that I was able to see Elder Weaver on Wednesday he bout jumped out of his seat when he saw me. We met with the Branch Presidency tonight and  was called as District Leader for 3 weeks. I feel an immense responsibility and power has been given to me. i know though that as I develop CHristlike attribute that  will be able to lead them the way that God would want them to be led.
We taught our first investigator and it was all to be done in Spanish. It was so difficult ,and my companion took lead the entire time thank goodness. I'm learning that a lot of the time I spend here is to do nothing but learn and to study. We are given 4 hours a day to study and it is so hard to stay focused sometimes, the time you spend truly studying the word of God is time that is well spent. The Zone Leaders are great and the Zone is just the greatest group o0f Elders and Sister's that I could be surrounded by. Elder Andersen and Elder Schlapi (The Zone Leaders) have taken me under there wing a bit which is helpful, but what is also helpful to know that every missionary here wants to help us. Its all one collective effort which makes the Spirit so strong here.
Today is Confrence and it is such a blessing to have the Prophet and Apostles speak to us. I have felt the spirit so strongly and hope you do too as you listen.

Things i've learned this week. My purpose as a Missionary. That as missionaries and as members the only way to truly convert ourselves are to go from not Knowing but Doing, and from doing to Become. This is the true and only way the spirit can convert our investigators and ourselves. 
Im sorry I cant write more its hard to know what  to say right now, but I will get the mail soon and write those who have written me. Pictures will come I promise! 
 I leave my blessing of love and peace with you all that this gospel is true and is of complete happiness. 
I have none other object save it be the everlasting welfare of your souls amen. 2Nephi 2:30

I love you all, 

Elder Perfili

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