Thursday, July 30, 2015

First baptism

Well the weeks I swear move at a rate that is unbelievable. To begin my companion and I are doing well and were learning each day from one another. The weather is getting hotter actually and were seeing less people in the streets because the kids are on vacation like in the states. The work is coming along and we are finding more, but we still need to find more if we want to help people come to the waters of baptism. Speaking of baptism my companion and I had one this last week, but more importantly was that Brenda made this covenant with God and is now a member pf the Church of Jesús Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I will send photos next week I promise. The baptism was simple, but the spirit was there. This week my companion and I also had the opportunity to see the importance that the members have in missionary work. Our recent convert was a reference from a member and the member was there to help her along the entire way. This member was key in the conversión of Brenda and I know without her it would have been difficult, but I also know that as much as we have the opportunity to share the góspel as missionaries it’s the members that really to help in the work of salvation. As well I hope you know that if you have questions about Mexico or anything I would be delighted to answer them for you.

Now today I was in my personal study and discovered something that I loved. I know that I have spoken about it before, but today it really was powerful what I learned about repentance. Repentance is the second principle in the Gospel of Jesús Christ, and it is necessary for our salvation. Without repentance we wouldn’t be able to change the things that are necessary to put our lives along with the will of God. As we repent we are doing all that is possible to do what God hopes and wants us to do. When we repent we are actually coming closer to God. Sometimes repentance is a Word that scares people because it means confession or embarrassment, but it means exactly the opposite FREEDOM. Freedom from the temptations of Satan and even more freedom from sin it means to really and truly stop what is wrong and do what is right FOREVER. Repentance is freedom to feel the Spirit of God more abundantly in our lives as well as one of the reasons we are here on earth. We have our entire lives to repent, change, and prepare to meet God, but it can be so much better and so much happier when we are using the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives to do so. I know that the Atonement is real and that it is eternal and will continue to be a part of our lives as well as lifelong repentance.
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
"Well Both Be Underneath the Same Moon"
Elder Perfili

Friday, July 17, 2015

July 13th

Well Hello to everyone and I hope that you are all doing very well. The weeks are moving by so fast, because we are were in the last week of the transfer, but that isn’t stopping us from working hard and working diligently. These weeks have been full of conversations on the street and lessons with a variety of religious beliefs. This week we spoke with Catholics, which is normal, but then theologizes and as well 7th day Adventist. One side note I have also spoken with the Amish, because they live here in this part of Mexico. They always stare at me which is normal, but sometimes more than the Mexican people. Right now its summer so all the kids are leaving school as well as all the people who are from the Mexico, but live in the United States come to visit. Right now the work load just continues to increase from finding one person to finding two. We have two investigators who have begun to progress a lot which are so close to baptism. It’s hard to think of lots of stories, but have one that passed today. So in the back of the house of prayer (Chapel) there is a very large area that was full of weeds that the Branch President asked if we and the members could help to clear it out. So while we were pulling weeds and cleaning it up out of nowhere a hen jumped out of the weeds and began to run away. Some of the members began to chase after it and try to catch it, but it jumped over the fence, and we found that it had laid eggs. It was funny though because it honestly appeared from nowhere and then just began to run.
Okay brothers and sisters were going to talk very seriously now. So I received the General Conference Talks from the Conference in April and there was a theme that was so visible and important. THE FAMLIY. Now I know that not everyone is married, but I know that you all have families, and as important as they are for you all they are even more important for God. God has established families for the sole purpose to come into this world and to learn in a place that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More importantly though is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way, manner, and gift from God that makes a family successful. Without the gospel it’s difficult, but with it the home really is heaven on earth. I testify that the gospel blesses families and changes lives, because it’s the way God has established that each of his children can truly, TRULY be happy here in mortality and in the life after.

Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Well both Be Underneath the Same Moon

letter from July 5th

Brothers and Sisters how pleased I am to write you today and to inform you all of the wonderful life of one of the many servants of the Lord. This last week was full of good moments and ones that hit hard as well like any other, but at the same time I have really seen very many blessing of the Lord in my life. Right now we have continued to invite and invite and invite those in the Street to hear the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal this week is to talk with more so that more will have the opportunity to really be untied once again with God. We have been teaching a few investigators and some are really progressing as well as changing their lives. We are extremely close to being able to help someone enter into a covenant with God through Baptism, but that’s for later. It didn’t rain too much here, but there are a lot of rain clouds in the sky. On Friday we had a zone conference which was very uplifting as well as delightful to have received a package and letters from the activity day’s girls and my family. The days go by extremely fast so sometimes it’s difficult to remember what to write as well as the fact that you just love everyday being out here in the field. It was a good week, but there is a lot more to be done in the coming weeks. Oh and don’t worry I didn’t forget to celebrate the glorious holiday of Independence Day. Today we threw our twist of a backyard barbeque, but with Carne Asada. Oh it was delicious!!

Well today I would like to speak about the first commandment that we have received. Obedience, but I would like to do it with the example of a Book of Mormon prophet whose name is Nephi o Nehi en español. Today I was Reading about the great example that he puts for all those who struggle with the courage to obey. He describes how obedience to God is out of love and out of a willingness to serve God, but it wasn’t just that he spoke of obeying the commandments of God, it was also that he obeyed them when it seemed absolutely difficult. He had been almost killed by an evil King, his brothers, and still he pushed forward knowing that if he was obedient to the commandment that God had given him that God would provide a way as well as bless him for his obedience. It caused me to think of how obedient I am to the Lord and the importance to cut out big things, but also the smallest things that keep the blessings of the Lord away. I know that as we take courage and are obedient to the Lord that we truly can be more in tune with the Spirit, and we truly can receive the blessing of God in our lives. I know because I am doing my absolute best because I know that all that he has given me the way and the reward, but when I have done my part. 
Elder Perfili

"We'll Be Underneath the Same Moon"
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"