Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 4

Four Weeks and I still remember the first day that I came into the MTC. Not a ton has happened in terms of fun and exciting things here in the MTC, but the things that have happened have changed my heart and made me more receptive to the gospel. 
The day started off rough, we were late to service, barley made it in time for breakfast and we had our bags locked up. I couldn't help but smile the entire time though. I got to missing home and my best friend today, but I know that were under the same moon. The most important thing today though was being able to learn that a mission in patience and hard work, and I intend to work hard.
My language is coming along more and more now. I can confidently teach in Spanish and I just love it. Don't get me wrong it gets difficult, but I am on the Lord's side I know that he will help me.
Just a normal day at the MTC.
Today was a day that changed a lot of things for me. The day started with service and it felt good. Elder Jones and I both have decided to increase our vocab in Spanish as well as try and read the scriptures in Spanish along side the English book of Mormon. This day I decided to study prayer. I have so many questions that I wanted to seek guidance on that I spent most of the day in serious reflection. I also learned today with the help of Hermano Thompson how I can ask inspired questions to better help investigators. It just made me think more. I love the sisters in my District, because that night during Hermana Larsen's lesson I was able to talk to Hermana Tait about the things I was thinking about she then told me that I was right to pray and that I would receive an answer. She gave it to me that night though she told me that I need to put my whole heart in this mission even though part is still at home. I have done better with this. Oh and guess who is now a Zone Leader! Yup me and Elder Jones are both serving as Zone Leaders its kind of nerve racking really you don't want to mess up, but I love these missionaries so much. Tonight we also did a Hakka for the leaving missionaries and it was awesome. They loved it. 
Today's focus was on repentant and it was fantastic. I learned so much about the atonement in my life I never thought could possibly be done. That night the speaker spoke about being worthy to be on a mission and if were not to get worthy while we are here so we don't carry that around with us. I honestly thought about somethings that I have done and got discouraged. That night though I prayed with a broken heart and a contrite spirit calling upon God to forgive me and accepted the atonement in my life. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard before in my life, but I have never felt more peace in  my life before either. 
Today was rough, but it's when things seem wrong that you mustn't quit. I began the day feeling a bit antsy and discouraged I was scared. The thing that brought me hope though was when I prayed for peace and I felt it. A lot of what was learned today can be said that you funnel everything down to the need of the investigator. This entire day I have felt peace from my Savior. I should have mentioned earlier, the speakers that have address us Elder Godoy and another who I can't member his name have spoken on repenting now and not putting it off. Elder Jones and I have both been experiencing peace and we cannot be more thankful for our Savior. We started our Zone Devotionals again and the Spirit was so Strong with the message and how Elder Jones and I bore our testimonies of Christ. I learned today that no matter what you have done that Jesus Christ knows how to succor his people. This verse in Alma 7 has new meaning to me. "Succor" in Spanish has a different meaning, it means to run to. I know that there are days that are hard that nothing goes right, rest if you must, but don't you quit. It's when things seem worst that you mustn't, (From I poem I like) even more so why would you when you know that Jesus Christ will run to you to save you. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer he is the Almighty God, Counselor, Wonderful, the Prince of Peace, The One and Only Christ Jesus. I know he lives and cannot wait to share this same message with the people of Mexico. I leave this solid witness and testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
We'll both be under the same Moon
God Be With You Till We Meet Again,
Elder Perfili 
P.S.(Thank you for the letter keep them coming I'm sorry if I haven't responded yet.) 

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