Friday, November 28, 2014

Mission home

Elder Perfili in Mexico

Week 2 in Mexico

Again sorry for the short letter, but I’m pressed for time again this week. This week went by really fast so I can tell you it very quickly actually. Mexico is a very interesting country, but I love it. The people are so nice and I am so glad that I am here. The start of my week was really hard my body got sick because it’s still trying to adjust. My companion though being the great missionary he is gave me a blessing and this week I have been felling so good it’s crazy! So me and Elder Mendez are teaching a few people right now, but it sort of changed this week because we had exchanges with the zone leaders. So I actually went and taught with Elder Herr in his area in Jesus Maria. It was actually one of the best things that happened so far on my mission, because I now feel comfortable teaching even in my limited Spanish. With Elder Herr who is American he gave me confidence and told me that the language will come. So we worked out a plan this week and my goal is by the end of training to be fluent enough in the language to function properly. Exchanges were for two days and I taught more lessons in those two days then I had in my first week. I learned pizza here they eat with ketchup because pizza sauce is expensive. Anyway once exchanges ended it was good to get back with Elder Mendez. To say a little bit about my companion he likes soccer and has a very strong testimony and we are determined to be more obedient. 
Now for my favorite part my spiritual thought. So I am learning that a mission requires work, and I MEAN WORK! You are on your feet 11-12 hours a day going house to house hoping their home and then hoping that they will listen. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because I am so happy. I have been reading El Libro de Mormon partly for language study and also for a better testimony. This week I read the vision of the tree of life. I suggest you read it and then read the interpretation of the dream that Nephi sees. You’ll learn that God has given us everything and that it is essential to hold to the rod if we are ever to come to the gift if eternal life. Have a testimony in the doctrine of Christ and the fact that it is the only thing that can bring salvation to our souls. My last thought is this the angel asks Nephi what he desires in the chapter of the interpretation, and I ask you what do you desire to know from God? I know he will answer you.
Love you ALL
We’ll Be Underneath the same Moon 
God be with you till we meet again 
Elder Perfili

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First week in Mexico

Logan's P-day is on Monday so here is the first report from being in Mexico.

So I’m going to do my email kind of different this week because I’m on a time limit in an internet shop. So when we flew in the airport is extremely small and I couldn’t even see the runway when we landed. We got off the plan and the President and his wife and the office secretaries were waiting for us. We then spent the night at the secretary’s house. The next day we rode to a building for an orientation. The roads here are INSANE! The roads have lanes, but they don’t use them at all and they are crazy drivers. At the orientation I got to get to know some of the other missionaries and President also. President has a hard time saying my name as well as the members and the people. They say Elder Perfili the "I" is silent I guess. I met my companion Elder Mendez and he is really good. He is from Puebla Mexico. The entire day it rained. Elder Mendez toke me to the apartment and my first day I was in culture shock. It’s very different here in Mexico. The people always stare at me because I’m an American. They call me things like guerro. The people refer to the missionaries as Jovens or young people in English. I am trying really hard to learn the language and understand the people. I only have nine minutes so I’ll tell you some interesting things about Mexico. Every house has a gate in front of it and a dog on the roof for security. The dogs just bark and are solely for security. 
So my small spiritual message is this, I have been so blessed by my heavenly father it is amazing. My area is in the city around the downtown area, and the people here are extremely humble. I see the circumstances that these people live in and I see that God has blessed me with a knowledge of the gospel and also a wonderful upbringing. I know that these people are still happy though and I know that god has a plan for all his children and I have been abundantly blessed. I am realizing that the best way to repay my father is to teach his children the blessing that I have been given. Think about the blessings you have been given by God and you will see that he loves you so much.
I’m sorry but I have to go know I LOVE YOU ALL 
We’ll be underneath the same moon. 
God be With You Till We Meet Again 
Elder Perfili

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Logan is in Mexico

Logan is officially in Mexico! His companion and trainer is Elder Mendez and I will be serving in Aguascalients for my first area.  President Villareal is a really good Godly man from what I have seen so far and my spanish will come.

We were able to speak to him on Monday when he was in Houston, TX for a layover.  He sounded really good, a little anxious but that is a good thing, it will keep him on his toes.

If you would like to send something to him please use the address in Mexico on the previous post.  He loves hearing from people and really appreciates it also.

Thank you all who have written to him, it has giving him a lot of strength to know people here are thinking of him and wishing him success.

Love you all,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last week in the MTC

Wednesday- So the MTC is honestly the same thing over again with classes, devotionals and the shady cafeteria food. The thing that isn't consistent is the new message that you learn and how your testimony is strengthened. Today I learned for myself that the Book of Mormon yes is the keystone of our religion, but even more important it is the Fullness of the Gospel restored on the earth today. Revelation come through out the Book of Mormon all the time and it is always clear. I love reading it and wish I could read it all day sometimes. So I forgot I hosted the new missionaries today and did traffic and you will never believe what happened! While I was working someone from the front desk asked if I would be there all day and then said okay we have a VIP coming its David Archeleta and I need you to help him park his car. So sure enough later I got to see David Archeleta with his mom and he walked right in front if me it was pretty cool.

Thursday-Today was normal class, but the most inspirational part was the end of the day. We said goodbye to another brother and Elder tonight. He bore his testimony of the atonement and the healing power it brings. I am so glad for his example and for the fact he will be back out in the field in three months. The part that was so spiritual though was when as a Zone of Elders he asked that Elder Tolutau would give him a blessing. We all,k every Elder laid our hands on his head as Elder T blessed him. It was cool because that was my first opportunity to stand in on a blessing, but the spirit was incredible. I then lead a prayer with all the Elders present and I can still remember the words and how powerful it was. I gave him a big hug afterward trying not to cry to much seeing a brother go, but I know he is going to be just fine. 

Friday- So Halloween in the MTC was not Halloween at all. We still had class and we still learned. Some Elders switched their tags, but the best was the Sister from my District because they dressed up as each other and wore each others tags to. Only thing is they had to give back their tags because were not supposed to do that. I also had a very blessed opportunity to give a priesthood blessing today. I am so glad the power the priesthood brings and the beauty of the blessing in action as I know it has helped the Elder. I also got my Itinerary for Mexico Today and am leaving next Monday! It is now real!! 

Saturday- Today was different I didn't remember much of it other than a few things. When the gospel is only taught by one person it isn't as strong. If two people are teaching the spirit is there 100% more than it would be. I also have been really wanting to see in the hand of the lord more, and I found a song that said it best. "As I try to be obedient and remember to pray I'll see the tender mercies of the Lord". I believe in that 100%.
Sunday- I woke up so sick. I could barely breath and I was so tired I was late to Branch Counciul and bare;y hanging in there during the testimony meeting. My Branch President asked if I was okay and if I would be able to make it through Mission Conference. On Fast Sunday in the MTC we do a Mission Conference. I replied I'll be okay, but I really was thinking how can I make it through the rest of the day. I can remember sitting in the Gym and thinking I might just sleep, and then the craziest thing happened I could breath out of my nose and I was full of energy. I stayed awake the entire meeting and also was touched by the things that were said. I was reminded of my Temple Covenants in a talk and the First Vision, my favorite though Was President Nally's talk. he spoke on the account of Christ walking on water and Peter going out to him. To liken it to mission work we need to have the faith to get out of the boat and walk to him, and go as long as we can, but when we begin to fall both know that the Savior is there to help you and strengthen your faith. We also spoke on our favorite Book of Mormon stories right now and mine is Mosiah 1-5 I LOVE King Benjamin and the atonement now. Please read it. Tonight Russel M Nelson's wife spoke and it was awesome. Shari  Dew was at the meeting with her.  

Monday-Today my testimony of prayer keeps going. I know God answers prayers because I say it all day, in my health, with my companion, and with my teachers. The best part of the day though, and also the hardest. Today one of my Best Friends left for the Brazil Sao Paulo MTC. Elder Nielsen. I was so glad that he came here, He actually was an answer to my prayer. I was able talk with him last night about the mission and the miracle of him getting his visa. It was hard holding back tears giving him a hug and saying goodbye. I Love him though and know that the lord needs him in Brazil now. 

My thought for the week- I read the account of Christ visiting Peter and asking him to Feed my Sheep. I found a small connection from it to missionary work. Christ first blesses the apostles with mass amounts of fish and then bids them to come dine with them. Then he asks Peter 3 times Does thou lovest me? Each time Peter responds Yea Lord though knowest that I love thee. Christ answers and says feed my sheep. Ask I liken it to missionary work I saw the fish as the blessing of the gospel, there were so many fish the net should have broken just like the blessing we receive by living and following it. We then need to take this fish, and not feed it to sheep but to our fellow men. To get up and allow them to feast upon the words of Christ and know they can live without guilt,sadness, and always suffering, but live with joy, happiness, and love. It's also important to note that he told Peter to leave the Fisherman life style. I likewise believe the same  no matter what you think, YOU CAN SHARE THE MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL. For the young men GO!! You need to go, leave and feed the Lord's sheep. After all if ye love me Feed my Sheep. 
Thank you all for your encouragement and letters I really do appreciate it, sorry if I haven't responded I'm working on it. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again.
"Well both be underneath the same moon"
Elder Perfili