Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 2 in Mexico

Again sorry for the short letter, but I’m pressed for time again this week. This week went by really fast so I can tell you it very quickly actually. Mexico is a very interesting country, but I love it. The people are so nice and I am so glad that I am here. The start of my week was really hard my body got sick because it’s still trying to adjust. My companion though being the great missionary he is gave me a blessing and this week I have been felling so good it’s crazy! So me and Elder Mendez are teaching a few people right now, but it sort of changed this week because we had exchanges with the zone leaders. So I actually went and taught with Elder Herr in his area in Jesus Maria. It was actually one of the best things that happened so far on my mission, because I now feel comfortable teaching even in my limited Spanish. With Elder Herr who is American he gave me confidence and told me that the language will come. So we worked out a plan this week and my goal is by the end of training to be fluent enough in the language to function properly. Exchanges were for two days and I taught more lessons in those two days then I had in my first week. I learned pizza here they eat with ketchup because pizza sauce is expensive. Anyway once exchanges ended it was good to get back with Elder Mendez. To say a little bit about my companion he likes soccer and has a very strong testimony and we are determined to be more obedient. 
Now for my favorite part my spiritual thought. So I am learning that a mission requires work, and I MEAN WORK! You are on your feet 11-12 hours a day going house to house hoping their home and then hoping that they will listen. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because I am so happy. I have been reading El Libro de Mormon partly for language study and also for a better testimony. This week I read the vision of the tree of life. I suggest you read it and then read the interpretation of the dream that Nephi sees. You’ll learn that God has given us everything and that it is essential to hold to the rod if we are ever to come to the gift if eternal life. Have a testimony in the doctrine of Christ and the fact that it is the only thing that can bring salvation to our souls. My last thought is this the angel asks Nephi what he desires in the chapter of the interpretation, and I ask you what do you desire to know from God? I know he will answer you.
Love you ALL
We’ll Be Underneath the same Moon 
God be with you till we meet again 
Elder Perfili

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