Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This is from last week 8/24

Hey my beloved brothers and sisters, well where do I begin because this week really was special. So I can’t lie to you all the first few days of the week were rough my head was running all over the place in the misión and other things that stressed me out, but I know that God and Jesús Christ have helped me and they are still helping me. This week was kind of difficult in finding new people to teach. We have been contacting more as well as looking for references, but it seemed like every house we went to we couldn’t find anyone. However we didn’t let this affect us at al because we continued the search to find those who are ready. As one thing I have been focusing on is my study and I cannot go without my study for one day or I just feel different. I believe for sure though that the spirit has been able to be in our lessons because this entire week I felt so powerful and sure of what I was saying and the spirit was testifying. The best part of the week though was to see the investigators in church we had almost all of our investigators there in church on Sunday and some with their family members that we have never taught! That as well was super amazing after working the best that we could we still saw a great result at the end of the week.

Throughout this entire week I was thinking a lot, about a range of subjects, but it was one thing at the end of each day I knew I needed more and more and, I am working harder to do so, is the spirit. As I say the week was difficult in finding people, but at the end of each day I still felt a warmth and a calm spirit telling me that everything was all right. Day after day working and finding minimum results and I was still feeling good, how is that possible? We know that the spirit is the consoler and the person that our heavenly father has given us to lead us and guide us, even more to comfort us. The spirit is who helps us as missionaries and children of God carry out the work of salvation through his whispering and warnings. The spirit is essential in missionary work, but even more so in our lives because without it we don’t have this heaven sent gift, one that is truly divine and the closet gift we can receive as members of the church of Jesús Christ of Latter Day Saints to experiment the eternities. I love the spirit, but even more to making the sacrifices necessary and being diligent even tough to search for his presence. I know that the Holy Ghost will guide us if we listen and especially confirm to us at the end of a long day that it’s alright and tomorrow well try harder
Elder Perfili

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