Tuesday, September 1, 2015

11 months

Well it has been another month and I cannot believe that as well i finished another transfer here in the misión. Right now I’m still here in Rio Grande with Elder Paniagua and I’ll be finishing his training. In the District though we did have transfers Elder Lezana left and is now in San Luis Potosi. Elder Tito is still out district leader, but he is also training a new Elder now. Now for a recap of the week. On Monday we just contacted people. On Tuesday we had a few lessons, but we are working really hard on finding new people. Wednesday we had a lesson that was alright, and we then left for Fresnillo to stay the night with the Zone Leaders before we left the following day to a conference in Zacatecas. On Thursday we went to Zacatecas and had a conference with the misión doctor on our health and learned the 10 commandments on health. While I was there we learned a lot of things that we have to do as missionaries to keep ourselves healthy and so that we truly can serve with all our heart might mind and strength. As well I sent a photo, but I was able to see my companion from the MTC, Elder Jones, and we took a photo. On Saturday and Sunday was the Stake Confine here, but we didn’t go to the Stake Center instead they transmitted it from Fresnillo to Rio Grande.

After having our conference on Health I had been thinking a Little bit on how we can keep ourselves spiritually healthy. Thinking about it I thought about what the apostle Elder Bednard told us. Elder Bednard say that if we want a way to stay strong members of the church that every day we should read from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is another testament of Jesús Christ and testifies of his life, misión and appearance in the American continent. As well the Book of Mormon is the fullness of the góspel. The Word fullness really does mean COMPLETE; WHOLE; EVERYTHING. The Book of Mormon contains it all, the answers that we need and the Gospel of Jesús Christ that is necessary to our salvation. I know that as well this book testifies of a restauration and that God has placed his church here again with the priesthood that Christ posed and as well that it is led by prophets. How do I know these things, just by Reading the Book of Mormon I have come to know and by praying as well. I invite all of you who have read and especially those who haven’t to read the Book and once you’ve finished to pray and ask God with all energy of heart and I know he will tell you it is true.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili  

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