Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mexican Indepandance day, me as the pinata

Well brothers and sisters it has been a wonderful week and it really was full of a lot of things both ups and downs, but the downs don't really even get to you when you are serving the lord with all your heart. So this week on Tuesday was the Mexican Independence Day and it's very interesting how they celebrate here. On the 15th they just take things slow for the day, and at about 11 or 12 at night they sound out the "Cry" of Independence with Fireworks and Cannons. As a district we took photos and celebrated with a Piñata (ME). No don't worry they didn't get any Candy. So after Independence Day it was work and it was a week where with a holiday it can be difficult to find people in their homes, but we managed to still find people ,and as well to contact a large number of people so that we could have more people to teach the following week. Really the weeks go by so fast sometimes it hard to remember what happened, but on Sunday we were able to see one of our investigadores who has been coming to church for a month now. She has been bringing her kids with her as well and we are really working hard so that she will be able to baptize before the transfer ends. A Little bit about my companion now though. So he is really, really, really cool and very Smart. He is also very funny because last week while we were watching the cultural event for the temple he was freaking out the entire time because he saw a lot of people he knew. As well when he wears his glasses people say that he looks like a mexican Harry Potter, but without the wand.

So now for my thought this week. Life as a missionary sometimes is difficult with a lot of ups and downs. It's a lot of rejection and as well joyful moments when you feel closer than ever to your savior. As well in our lives here on earth we all face challenges. On earth we will all encounter moments of adversity. Adversity can be two things, a way to grow and progress, or it can be a crippler in our lives. As participants in the plan of our Heavenly Father we choose to come to earth and be tried. Adversity is how we can progress or be crippled. In the Book of Mormon I love a story in which the people of Alma are under captivity to the Lamanites, but rather than just give in they keep pushing and praying, and you know what happens? The Lord answers their prayers and tells them that tomorrow they will be released. In hard time what is our first reaction? to get stressed,frustrated and panicked, or is it to immediately go the Heavenly Father and Jesús Christ and ask them what it is that they want us to learn and how, and what we should do? I know that sometimes I do the first, the second option is the one that I choose to do now and will continue to choose. God and Jesús Christ are here to help us in our experience on earth to progress in times and trial and I know that they always will. Of that I testify.
Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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