Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Adventures in Rio Grande

Well my beloved brothers and sisters I hope that all is well with you as you are reading this email. The week as usual went by at a lighting speed rate, because once again I’m here writing you all. A quick recap of the week, Tuesday; we had a lesson with the family that came to church last week and it was awesome i am positive that they are going to progress. Wednesday to Thursday: Working and a lot of contacting, Friday a zone conference with Presidente Villarreal and the assistants. Saturday and Sunday slow days, but a lot of good progress with my companion. Right now the weather is pretty hot, but they are days with a light breeze and clouds. The sky here is absolutely beautiful because it is so clear during the day. My companion as I’m sure i have told you speaks English so we have the opportunity sometimes to contact people in English as well as practice because he says i need to. On Friday we spoke with our misión president and he explained a ton of information about our misión and the productivity that we have.

Well I would just like to keep it short with my testimony about the restoration of the góspel of Jesus Christ. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that because he loves us he gives us the góspel of Jesús Christ to bless our families. As well that he loves us so much that he gives us the góspel through Prophets men of God that he has called and that he has given his power and authority to do so. These men preach of Jesús Christ and the importance he has in our lives. As well God loves us that he sent his son to atone for the sins of mankind and show us the way back through the church and ordinances that he established while he was here. I know that as well after the death of Christ and his apostles we lost this church, but that we as well have once again received evidence of a loving Heavenly Father who called Joseph Smith as a prophet and commanded him to write the Book of Mormon so that it could be a witness of the Restoration of the Gospel and the Church of Jesús Christ so that we may have the truthfulness of God and his góspel on the earth again. I know these things and invite every single one of you who doesn’t know or does stop ask God if he has restored all truth to the earth and he will tell you through the Holy Ghost.
I know because I have asked and I cannot deny it for that I share this message and testify that it is true.

Elder Perfili 

 Zone conference 

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