Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When God is put first

Well how absolutely amazing this week has truly been. First things first Happy Labor Day to all those celebrating. Well brothers and sisters I'm going to begin with the first part of my week. The first part of the week was actually pretty good, but it still was lacking something. We were teaching and as well contacting a lot, but really something was really different. On Thursday this week we had to leave and go to Fresnillo for our monthly Zone Conference. there we were inspired to elevate and vision and faith through the goals that we are putting in our missionary planner. For those of you who are not familiar as Missionaries we work according to goals and we measure our progress to find out how we can better work along side the Lord in his work. The conference had me thinking this weekend and on Saturday it was incredible. For weeks and for a very long time my companion and I have been having an interesting time finding everyone, but on Saturday things turned around. We began the day a Little late, but found a new person to teach after we found another and then another, and then a family called us over to put an appointment with them and a woman as well and someone has a reference for us. It was as if the Lord was literally sending people to us to find. I can not lie no deny that really God was there the entire time helping us to find these his children. Then on Sunday we found another family. Truly the week started off slow, but it changed at the end. As I said in the beginning of my letter, at the starting of the week something was missing. At the end no, why I cant say fully, but I do know that a major part was that my companion and I began to confide more and more in the Spirit to lead and guide us, we began to trust fully in Gods and that he would lead us in our teaching, contacting, and day. This week my faith increased. Why because I don't have to will nor the desire to believe that I am possible of having done so much work, but rather that the Lord is helping me to be a part of it and it Works a lot better when I work a long side him by the direction of his spirit.  

I was just finshing a moment ago saying my testimony grew this week therefore I want to share it with you about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesús Christ. I know that God is our loving and Heavenly Father and that he wants to bless us and does so through his góspel which he sends to us by the words of his Prophets who are men called of God and hold the Priesthood of God as well. I know that as well because of Gods love for his children he sent his son to establish a church with prophets, apostles, teachers, etc, and that when Jesús came he performed the atonement which makes it possible to live here happy and successful in our goal to return to God, I know that the church that Jesús established was lost as well as the Priesthood too, but God once again called a Prophet of God and restored his church through a Young man named Joseph Smith. That he also gave us a way to know if it is true that he restored his church. Its called the BOOK OF MORMON and it testifies of a restoration of the góspel of Jesús Christ. I know as well that God listens to prayers and that if you pray to him with a sincere desire to know he will manifest the truth of it unto you through the Holy Ghost. I know and I know with out any doubt. I share this with you in the name of Jesús Christ, Amen.

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