Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eating brains-----yuuuuuck

Hello once again family and friends IT’S GREAT to be able to address you once again this week. Well this week was incredible and the coolest part was that I wasn’t even in my area for a few days this week. The week started of pretty good because on Monday we had some good lessons. On Tuesday we had exchanges and I went to the area of the other Elders with Elder Mandujano who is in his training just like my companion. I got to know some of his investigators and members a little bit better. I t was also a pretty cool experience because we found family that they are now teaching which is progressing, well, pretty well. As well in the exchange I was able to learn more about him he is from the state of Mexico. He is older than I am, but a very good Elder. We finished our exchanges, and I learned that one of our investigators finally accepted a baptismal date as well as that we have a lot of new investigators to teach! That was extremely good news for us he baptism is for the following Saturday and we are very excited we just need to finish a few lessons and shell be ready I know it. After that the weekend was pretty slow, but we found people in their homes and those who really do want to learn more, and one day be baptized.
Actually on the weekend I had a noteworthy experience. I ate what are called Cessos or Brains. The brain of the pig can be eaten here. So i decided to try it, and it wasn’t too bad it actually tasted pretty flavorful.
So this week I am very grateful to be able to once again listen to the words of the Prophets and Apostles, especially with the good news that three new servants of the Lord will be called. It’s sad to know that three died, but it’s incredible to know that the Church of Jesus Christ is led by revelation. I know that God Lives and that his son Jesus Christ is at the head of this His church as well as that he leads it through a living prophet and apostles. I know that and invite you all to listen to them this conference with the goal to receive revelation and the truly hear the voice of God through his servants (D&C 1:38). I know these things are true and you will to just as you listen to the words that they will say.

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili

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