Tuesday, October 6, 2015

One Year Closer to God

Well my brothers and sisters I'm going to keep this letter short. This week was full of lessons and lots of learning moments. Throughout the week we had lessons with some of the investigators that are progressing, but they are struggling because Satan really stinks. Something that I saw those that was key in helping them was that we brought a member and that these members borre a very strong testimony that helped them to stay focused and that the Spirit could testify to there hearts of what was being said. As well we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week and we were able to learn a lot from them or at least I was. One thing was to just do the absolute best that you can. On Saturday and Sunday we were truly blessed to hear from Prophets and apostles of God and see three more be called and sustained as members of the quorum of the 12. The talks this conference were amazing and I loved every single one of them. Unfortunately though this week we won't be baptizing, we had to change the baptismal date of the woman we have been teaching. It hurts, but She'll be ready and strong. As well exciting news for the Branch here, they finished the chapel and we're going to be in it on Sunday. For those who want to know transfers are at the end of the week and were hoping no, but six months here probably means it's my turn. Wherever I am though I know who I am serving.

Well yes I have one year in the misión I have to face it, but I just want to share with you the gift of what happens when we put God first for a year of our lives. I  came to my misión as a very confident 18 year old Young man who thought he knew what a misión would be like. I discovered an adversity I had never encountered before and a range of emotions that I never thought possible. This year of my life I would never trade it for anything because I have grown closer to God. I have come to know him a Little bit better and he knows me better now as well. I know without a doubt in my mind I am a participant of this his work and that he is guiding me everyday. In one year I have come to learn more of the commandments of God and repent and keep myself worthy. For one year I have felt the presence of God in the best of times and the worst. In one year I have come to know that the Gospel of Jesús Christ has been restored and that it has a prophet on the earth. In just one year I have grown closer to God I can't wait to know what two years is like.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili

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