Monday, February 29, 2016

So simple a child can understand

Well this last week was great. We baptized! I was extremely happy to see such a miracle, but as well the opportunity to help a family prepare to go to the temple. So this week we were extremely busy teaching our investigator (now recent convert) who has nine years old at the lessons. The week also was full of updating the ward lists to see who lives here and who doesn’t so that we can better work in the area. We walked a ton this week, but I still couldn’t be happier in another place in the world. As well we had interviews with our mission President and they were extremely edifying and uplifting. The week was full of activities, but those were the highlights basically, and for those that are keeping a countdown I still have 7 months I am still working extremely hard and extremely determined to find the remaining children that God has placed here for me. 

So the title of the message that I placed was, "So simple a child can understand", now I wrote that because of the little girl we baptized this week. So as we know the gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple that a child can understand, but to teach in a manner is difficult. I now have a lot of respect for primary presidents and teachers, because it is not an easy calling, but it is definitely worth it. The girls name is Karla and it truly was an adventure teaching her because as missionaries we are used to adapting our teaching to any need, but it was still difficult I can’t lie. In the end though she understood and was baptized now why would I be telling you all this? I find it somewhat peculiar how this all worked out. My companion and I had to explain in the simplest of terms, but sometimes she still didn’t understand, but when she did understand is when the spirit spoke to her. As I learned from this experience is that we need to let the spirit teach and as we do so we see that the spirit is who teaches and will help us as well to learn. I know that the spirit teaches us as well as the children and if we teach by that power the gospel will be so simple that a child can understand and an adult can teach it. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili

Karla's Baptism 

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