Monday, March 7, 2016

walking and walking

Well my beloved brothers and sisters I am absolutely amazed and tired after another week in the Lord's vineyard. So this last week passed by quickly and slowly, but it was full of moments that I don’t think that I will forget. So this week my companion and I left with our ward misión leader and did visits with him, but we also did exchanges or division with another member. While on division I was able to meet a lot of new people as well as my companion teach some very important people who some have accepted baptismal invitations. As well during this week we had our zone conference and during the conference we learned about the new standard that our mission President has given us a mission. It is incredibly high, but I know that he is inspired of God to give such a promise as well as a declaration of what the Lord has in store for us as a mission. During the zone conference I also saw one of my old companions or Elder Rosas and he told me about how Brenda an investigator had been baptized, as well as how some are in the process of becoming baptized! It made me happy to know that I had been a part of the process in helping them become baptized. During the weekend as well we had a few difficulties we walked a lot to explain how tired I was when we arrived home and after finishing planning I can’t remember anything other than crawling in bed and waking up the next morning. It was a good feeling, but the best one was seeing the help that we are receiving from the ward this week. 

So this week I had an experience that help me as a missionary. So we have an investigator that we found who has a ton of problems, but just one is that her husband is dying from cancer and she takes care of him from home. It was our second lesson with her and we asked if she had felt a difference in her life as she prayed in the manner we taught her. She then began to express how it not only was blessing her, but her family as well! I was shocked not that God blessed her, but that for something so simple God was blessing her entire family as well. I think on the experience and think of the hymn, "count your blessing name them one by one count your blessing see what God has done count your blessings name them one by one count you many blessings see what God hath done." If we really take the time to think the góspel blesses us in many ways and as a missionary it’s something that I love to do with my investigators so that they can see if they obey the receive and that God blesses them in their efforts to obey as well. I invite that you take the time to count the blessing the gospel gives and you truly will see what God hath done. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili 

Logan thought it was funny "gober" is a word even in Spanish.

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