Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lost in the City

Brothers and Sisters I am very grateful for this week that I had and as well for the ward in which I am in. So this week we did a lot of walking and it’s because my companion and I don’t know the area very well, but it’s a good thing because we need to depend on the help of the members here. So my companion if I said or no I don’t remember is from Ecuador and he arrived in the mission the same time that I did. He is older than me, but he is a very good missionary. As well the area that I’m serving in is San Luis Potosi, but it’s not the city I am in another that touch’s it called Soledad. It’s called municipio here in Mexico. It is very large my area my companion and I walked a lot this week we almost left the city completely because our area has the airport. The members here are very friendly and want to work with us. I am very excited about this. As well my companion and I have a lot of work, but I’m confident that the Lord will bless us if we are diligent. The ward here is also very big we have an attendance of about 140 in sacrament meeting which the most I have seen in the areas that I have worked in. I really am excited to see what the Lord has instore for me here. 

So this week I had been pondering a lot about well my new area. For those that have been missionaries understand it can be frustrating sometimes when you get transferred and your area was just about to explode. This week I was thinking quite a bit about the why a thing would happen. I was thinking so hard as well I was causing damage to myself, but arrived the time and I realized something. The Lords vineyard will always need someone to prune it some parts will be very fruitful and others will need help in becoming fruitful, but the Lord knows where his servants need to be and he knows when is the right time to bring forth fruit, but a lot depends on the laborer. I realized that my area has been prepared for a very long time and that if the Lord considers it that fruit will spring forth here. I see that the Lord can make us his instruments in any place that we go and if we work together (members and missionaries) that the part of the vineyard in which we work will begin to blossom. I am positive of that I ponder on a few words and I poem that I have read, but it is very true, "It’s all in the State of Mind", God will guide us if our state of mind is in his children as well as our work. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili  

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