Wednesday, February 24, 2016

letter from 2/15

Well this week was so busy and so satisfying, but some good things have to come to an end. First of all I have been transferred! I am now with Elder Cevallos my new companion in Fresnos here in San Luis Potosi. Back to the week though Elder Rosas and I were working a ton! Elder Rosas unfortunately though was sick just about the entire week, but he also was a warrior in that he worked the entire week. So as well this week we had a lot of surprises such as our investigator left out of town for two weeks, the one that was going to baptize, but I know she will the following week, and many other things. My companion found a lot of new investigators, and he and I did a ton of work to help investigators come to church this week, but the most satisfying part of all the work was that we did it all with members! I was absolutely ecstatic that we were able to help members and they were kind enough to help us in return. At the end of the week we were extremely tired, but happy. It was hard though for my companion and me when we heard that we had transfers because we really didn’t want to be transferred, but it’s the mission life and as well the Lord knows where and with who we need to be. 

I was extremely edified and instructed by the lord this week. If there is anything that I can comment it would be this: "Strip yourselves of all Pride and listen to your companion (Wife, Husband, Leaders, and the Lord). It is an incredible blessing that the Lord has called us to preach the gospel two by two. The benefits of a companion are simple, someone to talk to as well as someone to tell you what you need to do to get better and be better. My companions have been an absolute blessing to me because they have taught me so much and helped me to strip myself of pride and become a saint. The same principle should apply with those who are married and with those who are members of the church following the direction of their leaders. I know that if we are humble and submissive to our companions that we will leave stronger and happier than we have ever been. I love when my companion tells me and helps me to change and that the savior as well teaches me day after day that I must change. 

Elder Perfili

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Old Companion

New Companion

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