Tuesday, February 9, 2016


 Well sorry for now writing last week, but I promise that I’m alright actually last week I wasn’t able to write, but I saw three different General Authorities and shook hands with two. I Heard from Elder Renlund, Elder Mayans, and Bishop Causse. As well the wives of Elder Renlund and Bishop Causse. It was a very unique experience, but as well very strengthening experience. I was absolutely amazed with the testimony that he had and the spirit that you could feel in the room. After that we returned to SA Luis I forgot to mention we actually received permission to leave our misión and go to Guanajuato see him. This week though has been really good. I can say that my life is busy, but there is always time to do what the Lord needs us to do, This week my companion and I went to Aguascalientes again for a leadership conference and we both were a Little under the weather, but we left very edified and full of energy. We are extremely happy as well because we are going to be able to baptize this week! We are teaching an investigator in the Ward extension and she is extremely excited and prepared for it. As well it’s hard to believe, but we have transfers once again here in the misión at the end of the week. I have known idea either if I’m staying or leaving, but either way I’m happy because I love my area and the missionaries of my zone.

So I had been pondering a lot lately on a commandment that we must live if we want blessings. Obedience, or Obediencia. It is very simple and ties into everything else that we do. I have truly come to learn this commandment the more I live it. The scriptures are clear that if we obey we have the Lords promise and if we don’t obey and we have no promise. I testify of that principle. I know that when we obey God and his commandments he blesses us, and when we don’t we don’t receive his blessings and promises. I reflect on the advice that I received once from a leader and he simply said don’t doubt for any reason just obey and don’t doubt. I know that if we do this that the Lord will bless us in our lives I know that as we keep the Word of Wisdom we receive health, I know that if we pray God hears us ad responds, and I know that if we fast with a purpose he will help us receive the blessings. Therefore Obey! "Si me amais guardad mis mandamientos".  

God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili

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