Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Seeing old companions

So well I’m going to be brief for lack of time. This first week was pretty good I’m very excited to be here in this new area and in my new assignment. So this week was a little difficult in finding new investigators, but we have an investigator that’s progressing toward baptism! I’m pretty excited for her. As well my companion and I had interviews with our President this week on my birthday. I told my President it was my birthday so we took some selfies which I sent. As well thanks for all who sent birthday wishes top me. It’s strange knowing I have 20 years. So San Luis is very interesting. It’s been pretty cloudy these past few days as well kind of cold. We had a few reunions this week with the assistants and I saw a few old friends as well as my old companion Elder Cauich man was I happy to see him. We actually share a church building here. He is in the other zone, but the wards here share their church buildings. The ward she is great. Lots of people are in church on Sundays. Well I’ll more for you all next week and thanks so much! 

This week I learned a few interesting things. Firstly that the church has a perfect organization and on the other hand why we hear the same teachings over and over again. Right now in my mission were just starting to come alive, but as well we need something else. As I thought this week and in a reunion that we had I heard this simple advice to how we can be successful. Follow the Prophet. The Prophet holds the keys to the church of God here on earth and he tells us all that we must know. He gives us promises and we just have to listen and do. It’s that simple. So why don’t we? Maybe we're prideful or we haven’t listened, but I know without a doubt if we listen and obey God will send blessing.

God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili

Interviews with the President.
On my birthday!

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