Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is almost here!

Well this is the season beloved of the year, sing a rhyme Christmas time is here! I’m very excited and pleased to have the privilege to address you all this week. So first things first my companion and I are going to baptize this Saturday!!! It really is Christmas. As well this past week a lot went on. We had our Christmas dinner with our Mission President who came to San Luis and every missionary as well. My companion and I were in charge of organizing a lot of it as well. It went very well our mission President and his wife sung for us and we ate, spoke, and gifts were charred, but not in our zone we will be doing that on Christmas. As I saw a few old companions you might recognize him, one of my best companions Elder Cauich. After the dinner we worked very hard during the week, but it’s amazing for how hard you can work and you still battle in finding investigators. Its hard work, but I know that God is blessing us with baptisms soon. As well this weekend was awesome! Why, I’ll explain a new Stake President has been called, and Elder Piper of the Seventy came, unfortunately we lost our Bishop and we had to watch it from a webcam in our church building and not in person at the stake center. Everything was great about the conference, but it funny we didn’t have a stake president and now we don’t have a Bishop, but as well we have a ton of support from the ward right now and I feel soon that if it continues that the Lord will be moving his work forward here. 

So this week being Christmas we have given a million messages it seems about why we celebrate and why we should remember it and for whom we celebrate it, but I wanted to share something that I learned from a family home evening we had this week. In 2 Nefi 31. We read about the doctrine of Christ and we read why Christ was baptized, and even more so why his example is the one that we need to follow. If we read in the first part of the chapter it explains his baptism and why he did it, but why did you do it? Or Why haven’t you done it? If we think about it he came to earth to atone for our sins, but the first thing he did was make a covenant with God through baptism. As we follow this commandment of God we are literally following his example, but accepting him fully as our savior. It is not sufficient to just speak and say with words. We need to accept him by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God and as we do so we show our faith, repentance, and desire to return with God and our families for time and all eternity. Christ showed us that it is only through baptism that we are saved, and can enter into the Kingdom of God. I know that when I was baptized I accepted Christ and that because I have done so my life is dedicated to the building of Gods kingdom on earth and that others as well make this covenant. Because this is the path and there is no other under the heaven or earth which salvation is given. 

Elder Perfili

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