Friday, November 27, 2015

Transferred to San Luis

Well brothers and sisters once again I have been transferred, `but this time
I’m in San Luis Potosi. Here I arrived early in the morning with my new companion Elder Castañeda. Elder Dominguez my other companion stayed in Jerez. I arrived and was able to see some familiar faces, but as well we left the bus station to go to the house. Right now I’m just getting to know my area and bearings. I would first like to share what happened last week in Jerez though before I continue. Last week was special. We were able to continue helping the two young women and one had an answer to their prayer! They both really want to know the truth and I’m positive that they will baptize there! As well through contacting and asking for referrals we found a man who is extremely interested in the church and wants to know everything about because he once went to an open house of the temple. After those experiences Elder Dominguez and I kept looking and we just kept finding. The only thing though is they just have to come to church and everything will fall into place. So know for the few things I’ve seen here in San Luis all the taxis are green. The people are still catholic and the city is very interesting. The city receives a lot of visitors from the United States. I have to admit I do miss Jerez, but God has prepared something special for us here in San Luis I’m sure of it!

Well I just would like to share a short scripture. It is in Alma 29.6 the scripture speaks of how he feels in his calling. I like what he says when he says why he should desire more than to what he has been called, or to preach the gospel. I think about this sometimes and remember that God has called me with a special purpose and that as I fulfill that purpose I and he will feel satisfied, but what more can we truly desire if we are serving in a God given calling. Where he knows we should be. I know that God calls ordinary people to his work and makes them extra ordinary. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili

saying good bye to Elde Domingez

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