Monday, December 14, 2015

dedication of the Tijuana Temple

Well this week has been absolutely full of adventures, and experiences I don’t think that I will forget. As well I traveled a lot. It kind of reminded me of how during the holidays many travel, but to visit families I did it to visit investigators and missionaries, but I absolutely love it as well. So on Mondays we normally have family home evenings with the members to help our investigators, recent converts, less-actives, and members so that they can fellowship one another, and on Monday we had a very successful one. Our investigator for sure will enter the waters of baptism this month! On Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistants and we traveled to Aguascalientes to work with them in their area. It was fun going to Aguas, but as well it was an amazing learning experience. We were with Elder Cusworth, and he is awesome! It was fun as well because I had served in their area before with another Elder so we went and visited a few people that I had visited about more than a year ago. As well I had a very good time teaching. On Thursday I then went on another exchange with missionaries in my zone and I traveled to their area. I was extremely excited as well because I had the opportunity to get to know more missionaries and their areas. After the exchange on Thursday I went on another exchange with my district leader to a small town or "Rancho". Oh how it felt like home to be there, because I absolutely love those places. It was a very authentic area as well. It’s cool the story behind the place its name is Villa de Reyes, or Village of the Kings. I enjoyed it there and on Saturday we worked with other Elders and at night we watched the cultural event for the dedication of the Tijuana Temple. As well we ate tacos and I finally tried tacos de cabeza y ojo. Translation: Tacos of head meat, and eye. They tasted delicious. On Sunday though was the pinnacle of the week as we watched the three dedicatory sessions of the temple. President Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks came for the dedication. The spirit was so strong, and as well another house of the Lord exists in Mexico. 

Well just a small thought for this Christmas time. In the Book of Mormon we read in ·3rd Nefi 1 about how the sign of Christs birth appeared here in the Americas as well. I love the manner in which the story describes how the believers had so much faith that they continued to believe even if they faced the penalty of death, but it’s the non-believers in who I want to focus. If we read the story we read that they tried everything to destroy them, but when the sign of Christ’s birth appeared they finally believed, but some died as well for the iniquities they had committed. The scriptures continue saying that the Devil saw this and worked harder in tempting them, but the people continued in believing. I love that, Why? Because once they saw this glorious sign they were able to receive the blessings of God. As well a Prophet of God had told them. Why do I love this, because of I think of those who haven’t seen the sign and continue not believing, but when we share they are able to see and receive these blessings that they so desperately need, or even more the knowledge of how we are saved and by whom it is. I know that our Savior desires for all of us to be saved, and he desires more that we truly see him, and his love for us. I know that as people see him and his matchless love they will not be turned away by the devil if we help. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili 

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