Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"Happy Birthday" as Frosty would say!

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters. How Grateful I am for this time of year in which we remember the birth of the savior. So this last week went by very fast. The weather here has been cooling down quite a bit. This week as well I had the opportunity to go to Aguascalientes for a meeting with leaders and President Villarreal. I was able to see old friends and as well receive a lot of information and things that I need to do better. As well this week we had our Zone Conference with the President. It went very well and I am very excited after having left the conference, but after the conference I had to travel for an exchange to two areas 4 hours away from the city. Their names are Cardenas and Rio Verde. It was extremely tiring the travel, but the missionaries were thankful that we went to visit them. I love the small cities that are outside of the larger ones they hold a special place in my heart and they are beautiful. After we returned to San Luis and had a few hours to work. On Sunday we had the opportunity to go to church, but it was kind of crazy because a women unfortunately fell into a diabetic coma during a class and we began to help her out. She is all right, but it was very crazy for a Sunday service. Then in the night time it was awesome because we watched the Christmas Devotional. I love it and the messages that they shared. 

So this day a small Christmas message. I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf about the Generous One. I loved the message that he shared about how our Father in Heaven is the Generous one. I think about this and how God gave us the greatest gift that we as his children can accept. The Son of God, the Price of Peace, the Almighty God, Comforter, Jesus Christ. I know that a Savior was born and that the Bible and Book of Mormon contain his birth and his divine mission that we strive to learn and follow. 

Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again 

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