Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween or Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

Happy Halloween! Well it’s a little late for that but as well for you Mexicano’s Feliz Dia De Los Muertos! So the last week was full of travel and traditions here in Mexico. So on Wednesday I had to go to Zacatecas to sign documents for my green card. After that we spent the week looking and looking, but we just couldn’t find people. Then Saturday arrived and I was expecting the streets to be filled with children, but instead nothing just a normal day. On Sunday though I was in shock! The kids dress up and leave to the streets, and on Monday they do the same. Its two days of Trick or treating here! The other thing is that the costumes here are very different. The kids here paint their faces and this is there costume or they just put a mask on. The popular costumes here are Katrin or Katrina these are the skeletons that you see as people in Mexican art and after that Chucky. As well the people here make the kids work a little harder to get there candy, the kids have to sing in order to receive their candy. It’s pretty funny to be honest because in Mexico it’s different in every part, but in Jerez they have to sing. As well on Sunday we had an investigator in church! She is very funny and very nice. She’s a little older, but we have a good feeling the lords put us in her path. 

Well the normal tradition for Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is to go to the cemetery with your family to visit your dead family members. The family as well place a photo, flowers, and food on the grave of the person. At night they say that the person returns from the dead and eats the food. The following day they return to see the food gone and place more flowers. Why do I tell you the tradition because? As these people remember their dead we do as well, but we know that it’s not the end. The Plan of Salvation clearly teaches us the God created a plan in which we would be tried and tested and in the end we would have to die, but that as well because of Jesus Christ we one day will rise from the dead. The Plan of Salvation gives us the opportunity to not just remember our loved ones, but that through Christ and his Gospel we will return to live with them and our Heavenly Father if we come to know of them.  Know that this Plan is real and that it is perfect. I testify that families can be together forever. 
Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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