Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On the Lord's errand

So this week was absolutely wonderful. This week as well I would like to thank the Yorba Linda Third ward Young Women for the package as well as some of the young men. So this week started off a little slow because of the Holiday, but it was also a good thing because we were able to analyze what we need to do better. During this week we began to look for families as well as less active members. Also we had the opportunity to see more members go to lessons with us. The best part of this week though was a less active family that we found that the two oldest daughters aren’t members and they accepted a baptismal date in December! As well we were able to continue teaching the investigator that came to church last week, as well as visit a lot of our recent converts and less active members who also came to church this week! Really the week was incredible. On Friday though we came together for a Zone Conference and received a lot of information. We learned the importance once again that we have to work with the members, but as well to baptize. As missionaries our purpose is to baptize and as we search for people to teach whether it’s in the street or on member lists or the best way MEMBER REFERRAL'S. Our purpose is to invite others to some unto Christ and I know that if members and missionaries work together we find successes. 

So this week I had been doing a lot of thinking about what makes a successful missionary. I began to think about some of the missionaries of the Book of Mormon o how Alma and Amulek teach in perfect harmony as well as testify with power. Ammon and how he taught King Lamoni, but I like Aaron story the most right now because this is how a successful missionary works I believe. Aaron began to preach the gospel, but just began to preach and cry repentance. Now the people he teaches hearing this only decide to throw him in prison. Once Ammon frees him from prison the scriptures say that he left to preach the gospel, but his time he left to do it with the Spirit guiding him, and once he did this he had success. By following the spirit he was lead to Lamonis father the Lamanite King and converted not only him, but the entire city of the King. From the story of Aaron I realized that if we follow the spirit the words will be given to us, but we will be lead to those who need to receive the gospel because they are prepared. As well the other part that we are called to teach by the spirit and if we do so then it is of God and his hand will be there, but if we don’t teach by the spirit we are limited to our own success, which is a very small portion of what our real potential is. I know that if we listen the spirit will guide us to those who need the gospel and give us the words we must say.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili       

Costumes Katrina and Katrin from Del la Des Mortes

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