Saturday, November 21, 2015

Conference in Zacatecas

My beloved friends, family, and all those in general, how grand the work of the Lord! So in this week we had some difficulties, but in the end it was still a good week. My companion and I get along really well he is actually about to finish his mission but as well the transfer ends this week! How fast time can fly! As well this week we have continued working with the family that is less-active whose daughters aren’t members, they are progressing, but we changed there baptismal date. As well this week we had the stake conference in Zacatecas this week. It was fun, but at the same time it was difficult for some of the members to come. The cool part though was being able to see members from Ojocaliente at the conference even more so one of the investigadores that I began teaching there! They all saw me and saw AYY ELDER! It was a nice to see familiar faces. I also enjoyed the talks and the messages that were shared by the stake presidency here. The focus was a lot in the family, but as well they focused a lot on the personal inactive that we should take in living the gospel and keeping the commandments. 

As well a fun fact for you all. Here in Jerez it is the original place of the tostada and its salsa. I have never in my life had tostadas with salsa that have tasted do delicious in my life, but here in Jerez. They actually celebrate a day for the tostada. Me and my companion today decided to go and try some of the different venders and there tostadas were really good. I’ll need to take pictures to show you how they prepare them, but normally it’s just a tostada that they dip in the salsa.

So this week I wanted to share a quick message about a scripture I was thinking about. In Alma 22 we read of the conversion of the King and how he conducted his prayer. I need to translate in my head right now what he said, but here’s the best try at it. "Oh God, Aaron hath told me there is a God, and there is a God, you are God, what would you give to know me, I would give all my sins to know thee,” this is the part that I enjoy. The King is invited by Aaron to pray and the King does it right ton the spot to test the words of Aaron. What I thought about though was in the prayer he offered and what he was willing to give up, his sins. Sometimes I believe that we as imperfect people try to justify our errors and keep making mistakes by saying some other day I'll try be these errors big or small, but this King after hearing about the Savior immediately decided to give up all his sins in a matter of minutes. Are we willing to give up what we do wrong, or as well do we want to repent? I know that the God of Israel came and suffered for the sins of mankind making it possible to be forgiven and abandon sin. I know that God forgives and that if we repent then we will as well come closer to God more than in any other way we can change and we need to! I am trying to change every day and as well abandon my sins because I desire to know God more and to serve his children. I testify of these things. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili   

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