Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hurricane Weather

 Hello brothers and sisters it’s crazy that we are once again in that holiday time of the year when it’s Halloween and before we know it Christmas. This week was tough, not because we didn’t have a lot of work, but because it was full of teaching moments that really pulled and refined me, in the end though I am extremely grateful. On Monday we spent the day teaching a recent convert whose name is Erika she is very funny because she can talk for hours. On Tuesday we then taught a few new investigators and a recent convert Carlos. His story is really cool but he is a very nice guy and his wife is the sister that served her misión in Anaheim California. We spent the week teaching, but on Friday is when we learned about the Hurricane. The entire day it rained and we worked the entire day wet and tired. Then at the end of the day we learned that the hurricane was going to pass right over us, but we slept the entire night in peace and the following day was rain free. A true blessing. We then continued work with the investigators that we have two families, but they didn’t come to church on Sunday! It’s frustrating when this happens, but something that is necessary for an investigator to want to come to church is that they know someone there. Today as well I took photos of a few of the church’s here in Jerez which are the oldest churches here in Jerez. This week I’m excited because I’m going to get to see Halloween here in Mexico as well as Dia de Los Muertos. I’ll take pictures if I can.

Well this week I was thinking about what it is that I can do better to be a more effective and successful missionary. I then heard about three or four times this week about the talk that Elder Durant gave which is in English I don’t know the word, but in Spanish it is meditizar. To ponder 80% and memorize 20% of a scripture of your choice. I like that he promised that we would increase our knowledge of the scripture, but as well we will change our thoughts. As we choose to ponder on the scriptures we begin to elevate our thoughts and as we do so we invite the spirit to be with us. If the spirit is with us then we make good desciones. As well if we ponder on the scriptures we make ourselves mentally and spiritually strong in keeping pure thoughts. This week I am using a scripture in Alma and I lie the idea of doing this because I really do feel that is we follow the invitation of Elder Durrant that as we do it over a long period of time for example 52 scriptures for one year and our goal is for 2 years, then we learn 104 scriptures, but if we do it for more years our knowledge and our reward is greater. I know that the scriptures are the words of Christ and that they will tell us all things that we must do. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili       

the two oldest church's in Jerez

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