Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First week in Jerez

Well another week and in a new place. This week I was able to get to know a little bit better my companion, but as well I got to know more my Zone Leader as well. So the area in which I serve is a ward. There are four missionaries in total, two Elders and two sisters. I still am in a small city, but the city is still really big for us four. My companion and I were working a lot this week in finding, but as well in teaching less actives. I am still getting to know the ward, but what I have seen I have enjoyed. The city here is very similar to Ojocaliente, because it’s extremely colonial. Work right now with investigators as pretty good this week, because we found about 8, a family as well. Unfortunately though on Sunday we weren’t able o see any of the investigators in church. It’s alright though, because it’s the first week. The ward here is kind of small, but the members are very friendly. This week as well I went back to the city of Zacatecas with one of my Zone Leaders for exchanges. His name is Elder Greene, and he is a really good missionary. In Zacatecas I was able to once again experience the very high hills of the city these hills are like those of San Francisco, but I enjoyed learning from him. 
This week I had been pondering a lot about my work and what I need to do better. I think we all do this now and then and it’s important, but I found that when we do this that for all the pondering that we do as well there is something else we can do. Every night as we kneel down in prayer this is our opportunity to give an account of what we have done in the day. I was reading Preach My Gospel, and I learned something, and that is when we are praying that we still ask our Father in 
Heaven as well, "What Else Can I do?” I know that if we have thought it out first in our mind and we then ask God that he will tell us what we should do. 
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili  

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