Monday, March 30, 2015

6 months on April 1st

Para el Blog: Well my brothers and sisters I’m very grateful for the opportunity to write to you all and to tell you that I’m still alive with  6 months in the field and as some of the members say I’m practically un Mexicano! Some interesting things before the week. So if you didn’t know Mexico is very religious in the aspect that if there is a holiday the entire country participates. For Easter or here in Mexico la Pascua it’s a holiday, but the name the holiday says it all in that it’s called, Semana Santa. If you don’t know the translation its Holy Week, meaning that here it is a party for the entire week! For example in the city that I’m serving in there is a carnival in Centro with the church alongside it. Other than that I don’t have much to say that is very interesting, but I´ll have some things for sure next week. So in terms of work this week we are really working very hard in finding new investigators and in teaching those that we have. I’m actually really enjoying also contacting people in the street. Right now the investigators that we have are progressing, but Claudia is really coming along. We have to move her date but she wants to go to Conference to hear the Prophet speak. The work is coming along slowly, but i know soon that as i strength to serve God more that soon I will find those who are prepared. 

So the message for this week. This week I had been studying in my personal study session the Plan of Salvation a lot. I studied as well the part that is more central to the Plan of Salvation the most though that is, The Atonement of Jesus Christ. As I studied the atonement I began to see more and more just how important and literally the most important act in all of the World and Celestial History. With the sacrificing of his life for all those who believe on him and accept him we can become perfect and repent of our sins. The most profound thing that I have learned though is that without the Atonement of Jesus Christ we wouldn’t be able to do anything in this life. The Atonement gives us the ability to repent to be clean from sin and to return with our Heavenly Father, but it also gives us as imperfect being the power to become perfect and prepare for the life after this life with our Heavenly Father, Him, and all of our loved ones if we believe on his name and follow his example. As a missionary i am learning firsthand the Atonement and that without it I’m nothing, and cannot even work in the lords vineyard, but with it I am able to become a strong and `powerful tool in his hands and serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I invite you all as well to experience the atonement in your own lives and personal ways and to use its enabling power to learn and grow into the child of God that you are. Of this I know and share with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.      

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