Monday, May 23, 2016

companion inventories

Beloved brothers and sisters, it is a very special time in my mission, why? I think that I have been learning more in my mission in these last few months that in my entire mission. I have the opportunity to travel every now and then and as well with that learn from a variety of missionaries. This week we traveled to Zacatecas and spoke with a group of them I am amazed because I thought that I was going to teach them when in reality they taught me. As well this week was full of work my companions and I are getting to know a little bit better the area so were finding a lot of new investigators right now. As well we hope to baptize this month or next, but soon. 

More than anything I just want to share with you all a very important principle that we have be instructed in practicing in family and other relationships. As missionaries we have something that is called the companionship inventory. It consist of two elders or sisters taking the time to share what they do well as a companionship what they can work on as a companionship and then they get personal. They express the good things about their companion and the things that there companion can work on or improve to be a better missionary. Now in the church we have family counsels. This last week every day was a companionship inventory. Every day I learned from my companions and other missionaries what I need to be doing better. That I still need to be more patient, not stress as much, have a little more fun, etc. All of which edified me. After having learned all of these things I have come to love and learn that when I am told that which I do well and then hear that which I need to improve I truly progress. It may sound strange, but I can’t wait for marriage in which I will be able to do the same with my spouse. I know that the Lord had inventories with his followers all throughout his ministry. He always corrected his apostles and formed them into special witnesses of Jesus Christ. Nefi corrected his brothers and father. Joseph Smith corrected and was corrected by the lord. I know that as I receive correction that the Lord truly will make me into a holy man. As well I know that if you practice these same principles in your family, marriage, and quorums, the Lord will truly press and refine us into the heirs of the celestial king that we are. Therefore will you do it? I leave this blessing with you knowing that you will be blessed. 

Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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