Thursday, April 21, 2016


Well brothers and sisters it has been a wonderful week here in the best mission in the world! So my companion and I Elder Arnold were a little busy this week, but we learned and felt the spirit. So this week we also had been visiting a lot of the recent converts in the area because they truly are a sacred trust. After that on Thursday we left to go and visit another part of the mission called Matehuala that’s in the state of San Luis Potosi. We met with the missionaries there and had a small conference on different mission aspects. Right after we then immediately got on a bus and were headed right back for San Luis Potosi to have the same conference with the zones in the morning. They were very edifying and uplifting. After all the traveling my companion and I kept working hard in the area we are very close to baptism with a few investigators right now and we keep finding great investigators as well. The ward here to be super active so I am loving it here in Aguascalientes. 

Well this week my companion and i were speaking a lot about different gospel topics, but there is one that I want to share right now. So our mission president was teaching my companion and me about faith vs. the agency of the investigators that we are teaching.  He explained that our faith and there agency sometimes are like two fist that just pound each other all day long, because the investigator doesn’t complete with the invitation. Over time the two fists get tired, and neither is winning. As I thought of the relation I have come to see that we too as children of God are subject to this. When we use our agency to go against the commandments of God all we are doing is breaking ourselves over the other fist we try so hard to see that if it’s just one time that it’s okay, but all we do is break ourselves. The goal of the commandments of God are not o fight, but rather tie our hands together or hold them together in union, allowing us to stay safe from danger, and fell the love of our heavenly father, but it’s our choice to fight it or to allow it to change our lives. I know that as we oppose God we truly do hurt, break, and damage ourselves, but as we hold hands we will be protected, strengthened, and blessed. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili 

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