Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Leadership conference

Well the week went by very fast, but I learned a lot this week. So brothers and sisters being that its summer here in Aguascalientes it is getting very hot. It is very fun being here again with my companions. This week we had a leadership conference and during it we learned a lot about the role that the Holy Ghost has in our lives that he really is the teacher and converter. This week one of our companions had to go and help other missionaries so he isn’t with us anymore just Elder Arnold and I are here in Aguascalientes, but we doing well. The week I loved though because I just feel the spirit it’s a hard feeling to describe, but it’s something that happens when we live the gospel. 

So this week I have seen that sicknesses have been plaguing our mission as well as me. Don’t worry though I’m fine. During this time of sickness though I have truly saw the power of God manifest through the priesthood. I received a blessing in the coming days and I gave a blessing. The part I want to share though was when I gave a blessing. Now being that the priesthood is directly linked with the powers of heaven I cannot share everything, but I know that when we truly as priesthood holders exercise our priesthood worthily all our blessed. The blessing I gave was to a sister missionary and after the blessing we parted ways and began walking silently my companion and I to our class. No sooner had we gotten to the door of the class did he tell me Elder that was powerful! Reflecting on his words I know that it was, but is was Gods power that was manifest, not mine. I know that all who want can experiment it as well.

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili

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