Monday, March 21, 2016

The power of Unity

Well-beloved brothers and sisters this week was incredible. The weather here is still the normal day to day changing from cloudy to sunny and other types. So this week as well with the weather changing everyday so was the way in which my companion and I had to do. We were pretty busy this week with a few different meetings and the Zone Conference with Presidente Villarreal. We truly were edified and taught the doctrine of the kingdom in that conference and we were taught the importance of always thinking baptism. The mission is coming closer and closer to completing its three year anniversary and the second mission president of the mission. It really is the time now than ever to teach repentance and baptize converts. My companion and I had a few experiences this week as well in finding people to teach. A woman went to church with her family last Sunday, but the other ward. The missionaries passed us the reference and we went to visit her. Truly God prepares his children is all I can say from how we were lead to this woman, as well she then as an investigator gave us the reference of her next door neighbor which was awesome because it’s a great big family as well in which we hope and feel God is preparing. I truly can say that my companion and I have had to be patient, but God really does love his children and leads us to them in his time. 

So as a spiritual thought and as the title of my letter I put the power of unity. My companion and I have been together for almost a transfer it’s the last week, but throughout it I have seen the more united we are the more power and more love I feel from the savior. As well the more that my companion and I have been working with the ward the more lively and happier. Why does unity have such a grand effect in us? I have come to see that as my companion and I teach the spirit fills the room, and we leave to do visits with the ward we leaved uplifted and edified. Just as God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost and very distinct and separate individuals who have their different responsibilities just as a missionary from and member of the church, they have the same purpose, "To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". Just as we work together God and his son have always worked together and the holy ghost bearing testimony of them, when we as his children participate and help him complete his purpose we unit as children of God to make sure that no one has to suffer and to go without the joy that comes from living the gospel. I know that God lives and that as I work alongside him I come to know him more and I feel his love. I know that Christ atoned for my sins allowing me to become clean and perfect myself daily. I know that the Holy host bears witness of them and to me of the truthfulness of the gospel. I know that if I continue striving to unite my will with theirs one day I will be united with them in the Celestial Kingdom. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili   

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