Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunny, Rainy, Sunny again

Well another week here in Soledad and another week that means a letter. So first the weather here in San Luis Potosi is extremely strange. It can be very cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, cold at night and the following day raining with heavy winds. This week passed just that and  it is the strangest thing in the world to be honest because you have to choose wisely if you leave the house with a sweater or decide to leave without one. So my companion and I this week and in others have been working a lot with the members of the ward. The ward here as well is working hard, because they can divide into two soon if they work harder. As well we as missionaries have a lot to visit and a very very large area. The members help make it a little easier. As well we have been able to find some new families to teach and were finding more investigators. Little by little were coming along here. As well this week we had exchanges with the district leader and I went to the other area. We walked the entire first day contacting, but no one was home. It just goes to show that not every day is perfect, but we still have to work we did talk with many, just no one wanted to let us share in the moment. Anyway after finishing the exchanges my companion and I have been working extremely hard. We really do hope to be able to baptize this month. 

So this week I was studying in Ether and it really is interesting. It is a very long story, but it speaks a ton about a lot of different changes in kings because some ruled righteously and others had their thrones taken by their sons and then their sons take back the throne and it continues like this for a very long time, now why would I be talking about this? So in Ether kings were given because the people choose them, but when the decision was made the prophet being the brother of Jared tried warning them to choose a different system almost knowing what it would cause and in the end the entire destruction of the Jaredite people. I find it interesting though that they still chose kings and its principle cause for the destruction of the Jaredites. The principle I learned though was this that if we choose to be ruled or that others may rule us maybe our lives stay in peace for a few years, but they slowly begin to destroy us. We are our own agents and therefore act for ourselves and should do so and if we do so our lives will be governed not by power, but the desire to come closer to God or better yet return with him and our families eternally, but the choice is ours and we can save our people or see their future destruction. I know that God trusts us to choose for ourselves. I know that by following the Savior we are brought closer to them, and we become more perfect ourselves. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Elder Perfili

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