Monday, January 25, 2016

Family Home Evening

Well my brothers and sisters this week I am thrilled to be able to write you all and tell you of the progress my companion and I have begun to have. So here in San Luis we have begun to work a lot more with the members of the church in our missionary efforts. We have a family home evening every week in the house of a member and form what are called nucleus's which are to strengthen members, investigators, less actives, and recent converts. It is a great idea that the mission is using and that helps the members and missionaries work together. To the part though in which we have progress, so we have been teaching a family of three and each one has excepted a baptismal date as well two have been coming to church they even came to stake conference this week. Also another investigator that we have is the granddaughter of our convert Magdalena. All were found through the assistance of members or in other words referrals. I know the word that all members dread when the missionaries come to eat, but it’s the only way that is efficient in helping Gods children be served, taught, and baptized. As well my companion and I have very little time together, but we get along so well. This weekend as well we had the opportunity to have stake conference and an area seventy preside during the conference. He was extremely funny and taught with power. We learned quite a bit which I would like to share later, but I know that God really does love us and there is no doubt about it. 

Well this week I feel the desire to speak about something I learned which I believe will benefit you all as well. So this year here in Mexico we are working a lot on strengthening the country so that it may be self-sufficient or that’s the goal. The Book of Mormon took place in the promise land, and where is the promise land, Mexico. Others might jokingly say that it would be somewhere else, but there wrong. The Book of Mormon was written as an evidence of the restoration, but in the first page of the Book of Mormon, Mormon clearly says that the Book was written for the Lamanites, and others. Where I’m going is that the Lord has made it clear that this is the same Promised Land that describes the Book of Mormon and it is the same promise that Lehi left when he said that it will prosper according to their obedience. I know that God has given me that opportunity to serve in this beautiful country, but more importantly help the promise of Lehi become a reality and that the Lord may truly be able to bless the earth through this country. I know that God calls ordinary men who make mistakes, but he makes them extraordinary in his timing as well as a nation. 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Elder Perfili   

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