Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015

Well it’s late, but Merry Christmas! I hope that you all passed a very jolly and holly Christmas this year with your families and with your loved ones. This week was very fast, fun and above all spiritual so this week started off well with some lessons and our progressing investigator moving toward baptism. On Thursday though is where I would like to begin. So as we all know it was Christmas Eve or in Spanish Nochebuena. Normally on Thursdays we have what’s called weekly planning. After the weekly planning we went to work, but it’s a little difficult to work on Christmas Eve. We did our best, but it was at the end of the day that I think we really felt the Christmas Spirit. The Elders from my district and my companion and I decided to get together and have a devotional that night. Normally in my home i can always remember that we were the traditional family who gathered as a family o read Luke 2, Heleman 14, and 3 Nefi 1. This night we did the same, but it was special. The spirit was felt in our small home and above all it will be a memory that I will forever hold in my heart. After that Christmas morning we played basketball and then prepared for our Christmas activity. The activity was fun. We broke piñatas and as well we shared gifts. I shared a photo of the gift I received this year and the Elder who gave it to me. It is a very awesome sarabe or in English poncho. On Christmas as well I spoke with the family and was glad to see hem al again. The time maybe isn’t sufficient, but to see and hear their voices always is nice. After Christmas though it was tough, because our baptism fell through until next week! We were shocked, but as is well because it’s positive that she will baptize. On Sunday though we had a Christmas miracle with 3 new investigators in church. As well they just showed up by themselves! 

Now something short. So this week I can’t lie I was pretty let down with the fact that Magdalena didn’t baptize this weekend. I couldn’t understand why, what didn’t I do, is my desire to baptize not strong enough, am I not obedient enough, what else could have been done? Then as I was sitting in church on Sunday the thought enter in my mind, did you ever think what I want for you as I thought about that it hit me truly. My desire to baptize maybe isn’t wrong, but did I look for what God wanted for me? Reflecting upon the experience now I see that truly the work of salvation can hold a very strong desire in our lives and as well that we can work with all we have, but maybe it doesn’t pass when we would expect it. The Lord knows his children and knows when it is there time as well he knows what we should do. If we want to work in the vineyard the question should always be Lord what does THOU  WANT ME TO DO? I know he will respond and if we do we will see his hand in our life.

Elder Perfili


God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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