Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the life of a missionary

Well brothers and sisters another month down it crazy that the time goes so fast faster than I thought it would. The week went by super-fast to so there isn’t a ton of news, I know how boring, but I will tell you what happened. So this week we continued to look for new investigators and little by little we have been finding them. It has been absolutely awesome here in Rio Grande with Elder Paniagua as well because he is a lot more prepared than I was when I arrived to the mission. He and I this week have been working a lot on contacting and teaching as many as possible. It’s not always the result we want, but it’s not what we want it’s what the Lord wants and knows is best. This week we also had exchanges, and Elder Lezana and I had another day together to serve. The weather is pretty hot to be honest, and it looks like it’ll continue for a while. 

Well now it’s a part that I long for during the week to give a small message and testimony of the gospel. So this week as I was pondering in the streets with my companion my mind constantly reflected on the Christ like attribute of "Charity and Love". I began to think as well about the Savior and the love that he possess for us. In the 7th Chapter of Moroni in verses 43-48 I love changing the word charity for the word atonement. The scripture takes a whole new meaning when you read it. As I did that this week I thought about how we as children of God really are nothing without charity, because it is necessary to have the atonement of Christ in our lives or we really can do nothing. More than that though I thought of how I can possess this love. I then reflected on the scripture in 2Nefi2:30 when Lehi says that he only desires the eternal welfare of their souls (god’s children). I then realized that as we work in the Lords Vineyard this is the love that we should poses for our brothers and sisters who don’t know yet. I strive to have this love because I know that it is the only way to fully serve our Heavenly Father and show him in return that we really do poses the gift of charity (the atonement) in our lives.


"Well Both Be Underneath the same Moon"
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"

Elder Perfili

Last weeks baptism

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  1. You are doing an amazing work Elder Perfili!! I know the Lord can work might things thru your humility and obedience!! Prayers for your continued success in this His Work!