Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Importance of listening

¡HOLA A TODOS! Well to begin with the events of this week, I have to tell you once again it has been pretty beautiful to be here in the misión. I love my companion and the work well it’s not easy, but I know that it will continue to grow and get better the harder we work, but the more we involve the Lord as well. This week the weather has been pretty crazy with rain and then a ton of heat. Also the Catholic Church here has an event going on for 9 days that includes a festival and every half hour or hour the shot of a canon. My companion and I have continued to look for families to teach the góspel, and were having progress Little by Little. As well we have begun to involve the members more and we are really working to get them involved. I can promise you when I say this that the members are key in missionary work and without them it really is difficult. Friday we had a Zone Conference and received news that we will be able to watch the rededication of the Temple here in Mexico. I’m pretty excited to be able to see that. As well on Sunday we had one of the families that we are teaching come to church, they arrived a Little late, but they stayed for the entire service as well. Some days in the misión really are good, but others are amazing and I know that they will continue to get a little better every day.

This week I was able to continue to think and learn and grow as well. I studied a lot this week about the importance of listening. As a missionary one of our most important attributes to develop is the ability to listen to others. I think every time about how Christ listened to the questions and doubts of his apostles and his followers and because he had listened he was able to give them the answer and comfort that they stood of need in that moment. As we look at the Master Teachers example we see a clear visión of one of the best ways we can help others, by listening. As we listen to our Friends, family, co-workers, or people in the Street we can be led and guided by the spirit to tell share the góspel with them and to let the spirit touch their hearts. After we can then invite them to learn more and really discover for themselves the Restored Gospel of Jesús Christ. I know just as Elder Holland has promised that if we listen with our hearts we will be given by the spirit what to say and use the góspel to clear their doubts. I also know that if you are looking for someone to listen to that we have a Father in Heaven who will always listen to you and answer your prayers as you continue to speak with him. Of this I know and share with you all.
"We'll Both be Underneath the Same Moon"  
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
Elder Perfili

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