Friday, July 17, 2015

letter from July 5th

Brothers and Sisters how pleased I am to write you today and to inform you all of the wonderful life of one of the many servants of the Lord. This last week was full of good moments and ones that hit hard as well like any other, but at the same time I have really seen very many blessing of the Lord in my life. Right now we have continued to invite and invite and invite those in the Street to hear the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal this week is to talk with more so that more will have the opportunity to really be untied once again with God. We have been teaching a few investigators and some are really progressing as well as changing their lives. We are extremely close to being able to help someone enter into a covenant with God through Baptism, but that’s for later. It didn’t rain too much here, but there are a lot of rain clouds in the sky. On Friday we had a zone conference which was very uplifting as well as delightful to have received a package and letters from the activity day’s girls and my family. The days go by extremely fast so sometimes it’s difficult to remember what to write as well as the fact that you just love everyday being out here in the field. It was a good week, but there is a lot more to be done in the coming weeks. Oh and don’t worry I didn’t forget to celebrate the glorious holiday of Independence Day. Today we threw our twist of a backyard barbeque, but with Carne Asada. Oh it was delicious!!

Well today I would like to speak about the first commandment that we have received. Obedience, but I would like to do it with the example of a Book of Mormon prophet whose name is Nephi o Nehi en espaƱol. Today I was Reading about the great example that he puts for all those who struggle with the courage to obey. He describes how obedience to God is out of love and out of a willingness to serve God, but it wasn’t just that he spoke of obeying the commandments of God, it was also that he obeyed them when it seemed absolutely difficult. He had been almost killed by an evil King, his brothers, and still he pushed forward knowing that if he was obedient to the commandment that God had given him that God would provide a way as well as bless him for his obedience. It caused me to think of how obedient I am to the Lord and the importance to cut out big things, but also the smallest things that keep the blessings of the Lord away. I know that as we take courage and are obedient to the Lord that we truly can be more in tune with the Spirit, and we truly can receive the blessing of God in our lives. I know because I am doing my absolute best because I know that all that he has given me the way and the reward, but when I have done my part. 
Elder Perfili

"We'll Be Underneath the Same Moon"
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"


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