Tuesday, June 30, 2015

9 months

Well Brothers and Sisters I know that it has been awhile since you’ve all seen a letter, but I promise you all that all is good here in Rio Grande. Right now I have another companion. I know right they just kept sending them. He is from Guatemala and has 16 months in the field. He is an awesome missionary. Well the work has certainly been progressing here in Rio Grande. We are finding more people and have an investigator progressing with a baptismal date. As well as other investigators that are so close to finding the truth they just need to look harder and ask God. Right now it’s the rainy season here in Rio Grande. It actually rains so much that the River here returns and it jumps over the boundary flooding a community of homes. So I’ll take pics of the water for you all. Well To give a recap my companion Elder Geddes returned to his home about three weeks ago and my other companion Elder Hickman was transferred to another area today. Right now I am with Elder Lezanna.
Now my absolute favorite part. Well Brothers and Sisters these weeks have been very interesting and full of the Spirit. Right now I can fully declare that by the Spirit all things can be consecrated by the Lord. In missionary work the Spirit is a key factor and necessary to the success of a missionary, but more importantly it is necessary for our salvation. The spirit is so important that when the Nephites were visited by Christ and after he had visited them they all be began to pray to receive the spirit. The guide is so important that it’s sent from God to us and he allows to have this guide. The spirit is who guides us and leads us to where we need to go. He is who lets know the truth of the gospel and when were on our knees praying he is who makes our chest burn inside with a soothing fire. The Spirit is who comforts us when we are in need and he has the same purpose as our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to bring us back home. I know that the Holy Spirit is the guide to me being a better person as well as leading the life that God wants me to live. I know that this is a gift that God can give us and that we truly can be lead home through listening to its soft stilled voice.
Elder Perfili
"Well Both Be Underneath the Same Moon"
"God Be With Till We Meet Again"

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