Friday, July 17, 2015

July 13th

Well Hello to everyone and I hope that you are all doing very well. The weeks are moving by so fast, because we are were in the last week of the transfer, but that isn’t stopping us from working hard and working diligently. These weeks have been full of conversations on the street and lessons with a variety of religious beliefs. This week we spoke with Catholics, which is normal, but then theologizes and as well 7th day Adventist. One side note I have also spoken with the Amish, because they live here in this part of Mexico. They always stare at me which is normal, but sometimes more than the Mexican people. Right now its summer so all the kids are leaving school as well as all the people who are from the Mexico, but live in the United States come to visit. Right now the work load just continues to increase from finding one person to finding two. We have two investigators who have begun to progress a lot which are so close to baptism. It’s hard to think of lots of stories, but have one that passed today. So in the back of the house of prayer (Chapel) there is a very large area that was full of weeds that the Branch President asked if we and the members could help to clear it out. So while we were pulling weeds and cleaning it up out of nowhere a hen jumped out of the weeds and began to run away. Some of the members began to chase after it and try to catch it, but it jumped over the fence, and we found that it had laid eggs. It was funny though because it honestly appeared from nowhere and then just began to run.
Okay brothers and sisters were going to talk very seriously now. So I received the General Conference Talks from the Conference in April and there was a theme that was so visible and important. THE FAMLIY. Now I know that not everyone is married, but I know that you all have families, and as important as they are for you all they are even more important for God. God has established families for the sole purpose to come into this world and to learn in a place that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More importantly though is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way, manner, and gift from God that makes a family successful. Without the gospel it’s difficult, but with it the home really is heaven on earth. I testify that the gospel blesses families and changes lives, because it’s the way God has established that each of his children can truly, TRULY be happy here in mortality and in the life after.

Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Well both Be Underneath the Same Moon

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