Tuesday, June 2, 2015

8 months

Well my beloved brothers and sisters I am very short of words for you all this week, because I was very busy this week. The week was full of waiting rooms and hospitals. Not for me, but my companion. We had to go to three different doctors until they finally diagnosed him with parasites in his stomach. It’s his last week in the field to. The good thing though is that yea he’s better and were headed back to working very hard this week. This week also the seventy Elder Arnold came to speak with us here in the mission about furthering the work along and increasing the number of converts we see in the waters of baptism. It was great and he has a wonderful spirit and energy around him that spread to us.
My message is short and sweet for you this week and it revolves around the communication that we have with our father, or our Heavenly Father. God has given each one of us a form and a way to communicate with him through prayer. As we pray we are literally speaking with our heavenly father and it is just us speaking and his listening, therefore he is the only one listing and there to hear us. As he listens we are able to speak freely and he is able to more fully help us in our trials and tribulations. As we pray we grow closer with God and draw the spirit into our lives as well as the hand of God, but when we pray we should also remember that if we want the powers of heaven we to must do our part and show God that we are willing and ready as well as worthy of his help and inspiration. I give my firm testimony that God always listens and that he will answer our prayers in his time, but he will always help us if the petition and desire is just. I know that the power of prayer is real and that the spirit confirms the answer to our prayers as we pray with our whole heart. This I know and testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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