Tuesday, June 7, 2016

 Well there is a lot that has happened in these last few days. For example we traveled a lot the mission visiting the different zones in San Luis Potosi. I was able to actually visit a few old areas also. For example I went back a ward that I served in called Joyas. I was able to teach with the missionaries from there and also see the people that I had taught and see the converts that I was helping progress in there conversions. After having visited San Luis we then traveled to Matehuala which are two branches that belong to the mission. Its a really nice little town it kind of reminded me of the smaller cities in the united states. Really beautiful place and time to have been there. After visiting Matehuala we then returned back to Aguascalientes and there was stake conference this weekend. This weekend as well the area seventy that came spoke about the prophetic priorities that the church is placing. These will be given to the bishops and stake presidentes and then the church as a whole. As missionaries though our mission president has asked that we study them as well to be able to help the members put it in practise. Also here in Mexico there is a new ley about same sex marriage. The country hasn't approved it and as members of he church here they are talking about sharing what we know to be true. It reminded me of Prop 8 when I lived in California. I know that the lord will be watching over us and will protect his children though. 

As for a spiritual thought, this week we have been doing a lot of conferences and this next week all the liders of the mission will be coming to recieve instruccion as well. So this week as I have been learning from the diffrent missionaries in confrences I learned the importance of the spirit. There is a time in a missionaries mission that they learn that they are not the teachers, but the spirit is. Now we teach the lessons, but we are not those that are really teaching. The spirit is the only true teacher. He as Christ taught would be left to counsel and testify of the truth to all who search. As missionaries, parents, and members of the church when we teach our gaol should only be to guide those whom we are teaching and that we assist the spirit. As we do so the spirit teaches them. When we teach our gaol is to use the scriprues,  questions, and invitaction that are appropiate to help them excersise faith in Jesus Christ and recieve a testimony by the holy ghost. Its not easy to teach in this manner, but I know that as we do so the spirit will be the true teacher and all we learn and be edified. 
Elder Perfili
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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