Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm in the Dessert

Well Brothers and Sisters I am no longer in the busy city I am now in the Desert of Zacatecas. Well it’s not entirely a Desert, but the city is very small and then there are the houses outside of the city in the Pueblitos. The members here are great and they all have a desire to help us. Right now though my new companion and I really have our work cut out for us because we are starting from square one here. It’s also a lot of fun though because it’s a great way for us to get to know the members and were able to contact the people here a lot more. My companion and I Elder Cauich have planned a lot of activities starting with English Classes and I’m going to teach them! I haven’t quite figured out how but I know it’s going to take a lot of faith. Our area is very far from the city we actually have to take a bus to the city which is 30-60 minutes away from Ojocaliente. We actually took the bus to the city this week for a Zone Conference and we meet the new Elder and Sisters who are serving here. It’s kind of nice to because I know some of the missionaries that are here. One of them is from my Generation of Missionaries. .The Zone Conference was great and it’s clear that all of Zacatecas is getting to work to find, teach, and baptize. Well the rest of the week was slow, but we have found a few people to teach and we are very hopeful that we soon will see the miracles of baptism. 
This week was interesting, and I thought a lot this week about why I’m here in this area. Through my pondering I have come to a possible conclusion that, well it’s where the Lord Needs Me. Sometimes in our live we get confused on why something happened to us or even why something didn’t work out. My answer and my testimony is this, that there is someone who know perfectly what our purpose is and what were to do in our own personal lives and personal spheres. God has a plan for all of his children and we need to do is continue in the faith and know that he is the Master Controller and we will learn our purpose in time and we confide and trust in his will. I know this is true and I my personal testimony of this with you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.  
I Love You All
Elder Perfili  
"We’ll Be Underneath the Same Moon"
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"

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