Monday, February 16, 2015

3 weeks in Zacatecas

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas, so it will be my third week in Zacatecas and I really like it here in Ojocaliente. It’s a very small city. It only consists of 4 Colonia’s and one giant Church and a Centro. We walk the city in a day a majority of the time. It is very beautiful though and I like being out of the city. We traveled a lot this week as companions to the city in Guadalupe. We had exchanges with the District Leader and I went with his companion who is an American from my generation! It was the strangest exchange I have ever had because first, I lost my wallet with everything from the mission, second we accidently flood the church building preparing for a ward baptismal service (we cleaned it all up though) and the city if Zacatecas is almost a replica of San Francisco with all the hills. Don’t worry though I bought a new wallet and the offices have everything taken care of with what I lost. My new wallet is Fossil too! So that was on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday we traveled back to the city for a Zone Conference with Presidente and the Assistentes. The messages were great and all have helped me a lot in my work and progression as a missionary. The work this week was mas o menos (so-so), but it’s little by little that the Lord reveals his work. Oh I almost forgot so I,m teaching English Classes right now and it actually went very well. I am using the book that learned Spanish in but reverse to teach English and it works! 

So this week has been really good for my studies, but I love what I learned about the family. If you didn’t know as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we firmly believe that the Family is ordained of God and that is the most important social unit to God. In families we learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ together and it’s where we learn with the most profoundness. We are all sons and daughters of God and he loves each and every one of us individually. Through the Son of God Jesus Christ we can be a family forever. This is something that is very important, a Family FOREVER. Why would God give us our families forever? Because he wants all of us to return to him as the family that we were before the earth was created, that’s why he sent us Jesus Christ to show us the way and the example we must follow to have this promise. I heard this and love this quote about God, "If God gives us so much as families and works so hard so that we return to him, how much harder we should work with our families to bring this to pass". I Love my family and know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has made it possible to return to live with him and as a family in the eternity. Of this I know and leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Perfili
Love You All
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
We’ll Both Be Underneath The Same Moon

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