Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015


Well the week and the progress of missionary work has begun to turn around. In the beginning of the week we were a little worried on what exactly it was exactly that we were going to do to find more people this week to teach. Good thing though this week we have three investigators after this week! I know that may not sound like a lot, but I feel confident that we should be teaching these people. I don’t have too many experiences to tell right now about what happened in the week sorry I know boring, but the work is starting to move along that I am sure of. The greatest thing to see this week though was a Chapel full of members and investigators. The feeling I had seeing our chapel full and the family that we had brought and the two investigators that the sisters brought was a feeling that I would like to have with me always.

Mensaje (Message): 

So as some of you might know, and others maybe not, missionary work is tough. It is hard work with many ups and downs and times that you think what am I doing wrong or what else can I do?  Is there anything I can do? All these thoughts I’m not going to lie have gone through my head every now and then. My thoughts and the experiences kind of reminded me of the experience of the Apostles on the sea when a grand storm is raging, and all are scared that they are going to die. The apostles then wake up the Savior and say in a way, Master help us!! In this moment it is in the fourth watch of the night and the Savior arises and commands the sea by saying, "Peace, Be Still". In missionary work and our lives we sometimes are in a boat on a stormed tossed sea holding on a trying your best to believe that all will be okay. You’re at your limit and you just don’t know if you can hold on any longer....The fourth watch comes and Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, comes to calm us and the sea. This week I learned that we sometimes just need to be patient in our lives and in our work as missionaries and just trust and hold on for as long as we can and then the fourth watch will come and Christ will take care of the rest. It is Christ who is at the Helm of the Ship and the winds and the waves obey his will. Trust in him and know that he will come we just need to trust in his timing. I leave this message with you in the name of Lord and Savior who is Master over All, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I Love You All
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
"We’ll Be Underneath The Same Moon"   
Elder Perfili

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